Chromecast vs. Firestick – Which One to Buy?

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Are you in the market for a streaming device? By this point, you have searched the internet and asked friends over deciding on Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV Stick. But the real question is, which one are you going to buy? Choosing between two great entertainment brands can be a challenging decision. Especially considering …

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Are Jailbroken FireSticks Legal

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Jailbreaking an amazon fire tv stick enables users to install third-party applications and streaming services on Firesticks, essentially providing free tv. Jailbroken firesticks can sideload apps on devices that aren’t available on the Amazon App Store. In doing so, the security protocols set up by the developers of such apps are often removed. Watching TV …

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Best and Cheapest Cable for FireStick

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he streaming industry has made immense progress in recent years, and with inventions like the Amazon FireStick, there’s no better time to explore the world. But, while the Amazon Fire TV Stick is a high-quality streaming video player designed to deliver unrivaled entertainment, finding the best and cheapest cable for a FireStick device can be …

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The Best FireStick Ethernet Adapter To Eliminate Buffering

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Today, we will look at the best ethernet adapter devices you can buy for your FireStick streaming device. Amazon Ethernet Adapter The Amazon Ethernet Adapter is the official ethernet adapter that comes with a USB port, and it’s the most suitable adapter for Fire TV/FireStick streaming devices. Don’t miss out on it just because it is …

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