FIXED: My FireStick Won’t Turn On: 6 Simple Steps to Fix

There are a ton of reasons why your Fire Stick device won’t turn on. In this guide, we’ll present some of the most common Fire TV Stick problems and methods you can use to get your device to work again.

Now, for best results, you should go through an Amazon Fire TV Stick solution first. Check if the solution worked for your Amazon Fire Stick device and then decide if you want to move to the next solution. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the top solutions for a Fire Stick streaming device that won’t turn on.

Top Reasons Why Your Fire TV Stick Won’t Turn On


Router Problems

An image featuring Firestick device not turning on

Most Amazon Fire Stick users tend to check their power cable and power adapter as soon as their Fire TV device stops working. While that’s a good start, sometimes it’s your Wi-Fi router that’s the main problem.


If a Fire Stick device doesn’t have an internet connection, sometimes it won’t respond to Fire Stick remote commands. When that happens, your Fire Stick device won’t turn on.

Since Wi-Fi routers differ from one manufacturer to another, the problems you could be facing are many. You can try restarting your router by unplugging it, waiting for about 30 seconds and then plugging it back in. Then try to turn your Amazon Fire Stick on and see if the problem is resolved.

Fire Stick Remote and Compatibility Problems

An image featuring the Firestick TV remote

If you’re not using the official Fire Stick remote, then that could lead to compatibility issues. There are many other ways you could face compatibility issues such as not using the official power cord or HDMI cable.

To fix Fire Stick issues of this sort you need to make sure you’ve installed your Fire TV Stick device the proper way. You also need to ensure that you’re using the cords and remote that came with your device.

Faulty Connections

Sometimes your Fire Stick won’t turn on because one or more of your connections aren’t working correctly. Check to see if the HDMI port on your TV and the HDMI output on your Fire Stick are faulty. Maybe a small physical connection has broken.

In that case, the best move is to take the batteries out of your Amazon Fire Stick remote and connect then reconnect everything in an orderly manner.

Pro Tip:

If you’ve actually broken something, you’ll either have to get a new Amazon Fire TV device or take it to Fire Stick technicians who are adept at fixing broken devices.

Damaged Fire Stick Remote

An image featuring a damaged TV remote concept

Any Fire TV technical support team will tell you that the most likely device in your Fire Stick setup to get damaged is your Fire Stick remote. The reason for that is simple: the most used part of any Fire Stick device is the remote. It’s also the most dynamic part since the rest, like the power cord or the HDMI hub, just sit there in their initial positions.

Fire Stick users can drop their remotes though. They can spill something on it as well.

In short, there are a ton of ways you can damage your Fire Stick remote. Once that happens, your Fire Stick won’t turn on no matter what power outlet you use or if you switch away from a wireless connection to a wired one with the help of an adapter.

Black/Blank Screen Problems

A loose connection or dirty HDMI ports (including your TV’s HDMI port) even on a new Fire Stick device will cause black screen issues. Try cleaning out the ports to see if the issue is resolved.

Poor Wi-Fi Signals

There’s a high chance that if you don’t have a fast internet package, you’ll find it hard to get your Fire Stick working. Your remote uses your Wi-Fi signals and the streaming device itself can’t stream much if it doesn’t have a good internet connection. In this scenario, fixing your Fire Stick isn’t the real issue since you only need a faster internet package.

Power Button Problems

An image featuring power button problems concept

If your device supports it, it’s also possible that the power button on your remote isn’t working properly. In that case, you’ll probably have to use a different button to get your FireStick to work.

A related issue is the power source problem. Make sure your device is getting a high-quality and constant power supply. Without that, no amount of tinkering with the HDMI connection or micro USB port is going to help you fix your Fire Stick problem.

Faulty Power Adapter

If the power adapter isn’t inserted properly into a wall outlet or power extension slot, your Fire Stick won’t turn on. Sometimes, such a problem is caused by a faulty power adapter. In such a case you should use any other power adapter you may have from another Fire Stick device or continue to use the same charger after you get it fixed.

Top Solutions to the “FireStick Won’t Turn On” Problem

An image featuring a person holding their TV remote and using their Firestick device

Before trying out the more advanced Fire Stick solutions let’s just go through the common tried-and-tested methods. It’s possible that a broken FireStick is not the real issue.

  1. Take out the power cord from your FireStick.
  2. Take the cord out from the power outlet.
  3. Wait for a bit. After 30 seconds or so have passed, return all the cable connections to their former state. In other words, put back all the physical connections to your Fire Stick device.
  4. On your Fire Stick remote, press the button for the power source.
  5. Check your TV input. Take a look at the number of HDMI ports on your TV. Note their names as well.
  6. Make sure all your HDMI cables are high-speed. If the cable for your FireStick isn’t connected to the right input channel, then it may seem like your Fire Stick isn’t turning on.

If you’re using an HDMI hub then sometimes disconnecting everything from it and then plugging it back in can fix problems related to HDMI ports. Try this method and see if it fixed your problem.

FireStick Audio Problems

Sometimes the Fire Stick decides to not work because you’ve connected an external speaker to it and that speaker is experiencing an audio-related problem. The best thing to do is to check if the external speakers you’re using with your Fire Stick are actually compatible with it. If not, try to tweak the audio settings to see if you can run your Fire Stick device properly. Most of the time, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Go to SettingsAn image featuring how to fix the FireStick Audio Problems step1
  2. Click on Display And SoundsAn image featuring how to fix the FireStick Audio Problems step2
  3. Click on AudioAn image featuring how to fix the FireStick Audio Problems step3
  4. Click on Surround SoundAn image featuring how to fix the FireStick Audio Problems step4
  5. Select Dolby Digital OutputAn image featuring how to fix the FireStick Audio Problems step5

Short of a hardware fault or a USB cord problem, the above steps should work. If they don’t, then try to connect your speakers to another device to see if they’re working properly.

Fire TV Remote Has Low Battery

An image featuring a person changing their TV remote battery since the TV has low battery concept

If there’s one sure thing about the FireStick remote it’s that it won’t work properly when there’s a low battery issue. Since there’s no USB cable to connect the remote to your Fire TV, in the case of a power outage you can try to press remote buttons all you want but the remote control sensors won’t respond. All the while, you’ll think that your Fire Stick device has either gone into a perpetual sleep mode or the frozen screen problem has hit you.

Of course, if you ensure your TV remote has the correct battery levels, you can get rid of your “Fire TV not turning on” problem without having to spend money on a new device. While you’re at it, to not run into the same problem again make sure you always use Amazon brand devices with your FireStick. Feel free to use any brand’s batteries, though.

Motherboard Problems

An image featuring a motherboard that has problems

Motherboard problems aren’t common for Fire Stick but they can arise. Most of the time the same issue pops up with a Fire Stick device because of overheating.

If you’ve ascertained that there’s a motherboard problem with your FireStick device then you have few other options but to purchase a new motherboard. Short of that, you can send your FireStick to an official Amazon customer support center. They’ll charge you a bit of money and may provide a permanent fix for your device. Hopefully, that will resolve the “FireStick won’t turn on” problem that you’re experiencing.

FireStick Remote Not Pairing Well

At times your remote will not pair with your FireStick and it will not work. In that case, you have to unplug your FireStick device and plug it back in. Then take your remote and press the home button. Keep it pressed for around ten seconds. After that, hopefully, your remote will pair once again with your FireStick and fix it.

Images Not Showing Up

An image featuring photo coming soon text meaning images not showing up concept

If your FireStick isn’t showing the right image output, it may be as good as dead. Most of the time, you’ll have some HDMI extender or a charging cable that’s not connected properly.

As mentioned before, unplug all your cables and anything else you have connected to your Fire Stick device. Wait for a while before reconnecting the other Amazon brand devices to your Fire Stick. Once all the physical connections are working properly, that should get rid of the Amazon Fire TV black screen problem.

Believe it or not, sometimes it’s just a single physical connection that isn’t inserted properly into its place that’s making it so you can’t get any image or sound on the Fire Stick input channel. Once you get rid of the loose connection you should be able to solve your Amazon Fire Stick issues.

Your Power Adapter Isn’t Working

An image featuring a burnt cable with a power adapter representing power adapter not working concept

Sometimes your FireStick won’t turn on because the Fire TV Stick power cord or power adapter isn’t in working order. We can rule out any cord problem by making sure the cord is inserted properly.

For the adapter, make sure it’s not damaged. Fire Stick won’t turn on if the adapter is unable to supply enough power. If you have another one close by, use that to fix Fire Stick power issues.

As always, if you’ve checked everything but are still running into problems, you should get in touch with Amazon’s technical support team.

Check White Light Indicator

Depending on your model, if your Fire Stick has a flickering white light issue then there’s a problem with the connecting cables. Check the main source of power if your Fire Stick won’t turn on.

Use Another USB Slot

Sometimes your Fire Stick won’t turn on because you’re giving it power from a USB connection. It’s possible that this type of connection won’t be able to supply enough power to your Fire Stick. Try switching to a different USB slot or using a wall adapter to plug in your device to see if that fixes the problem.

Restart Fire Stick With Remote

If you find that your Fire Stick won’t turn on even after you’ve tried the solutions in this guide, then there’s always the restart option. Since your Fire Stick device probably has an internet connection, you can use your remote to restart the device. If your Fire Stick won’t turn on and you want to restart it, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Press the Select button and the Play/Pause button at the same time.
  2. Hold the button combination for at least eight seconds.An image featuring how to Restart Fire Stick With Remote

That should be enough to restart your Fire Stick device. If your Fire Stick won’t turn on even after you’ve tried to restart it via the remote then you should restart it the simpler way. Just unplug it from its power source and plug it back in.


You have to accept the fact that your Fire Stick won’t turn on from time to time. After all, it’s a hardware device and they tend to have an expiry date. If you’ve tried all the methods above but have found that your Fire Stick won’t turn on then you should either get a new device or send it in for repair.


What Should I Do If My Fire Stick Won't Turn On?
You can refer to this guide for a detailed response but briefly, you should unplug everything from your Fire TV device and then wait for a bit before plugging everything back again. Make sure the correct HDMI cable is going into the correct HDMI port.
How To Turn Your FireStick On?
Maybe you’re a beginner who doesn’t know why the Fire Stick won’t turn on. In that case, use the adapter that came in the Fire Stick box, connect one end of the cable provided in the box to the adapter and the other end into FireStick. Then plug your device straight into the HDMI port of your TV or the HDMI port of your monitor provided your monitor has an HDMI port.

Once you’re done, press the Play button on your remote. Go to the Settings menu to see if your FireStick has the right wireless connection.

What Are Some Good FireStick Alternatives?

Currently, Roku is a pretty good alternative if FireStick isn’t working out for you. Apart from that, there’s Chromecast as well. However, if you’re looking for something off the beaten track then give the MeKool streaming device a try as well.

We should mention though that it’s always better to get your FireStick working since it has the backing of Amazon and can access Amazon Prime Video better than any other streaming device. This will ensure that you always have a good streaming experience.

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