How to Install Kodi on Android Box (Kodi 18/18.3 Leia)

Kodi has always remained one of the most favored online streaming sources. But have you ever tried it on your Android box? If not, the guide we are going to mention here will make it easy for you. We will show you here the step by step tutorial on how to install Kodi on Android Box. So get ready with your android box to view your favorite movies, live streams, sports, TV shows and much more.

A few things that we need to highlight here are, if you are willing to install Kodi on Android box, you will need a 3rd party Kodi addons for it. The addition of these 3rd party add-ons ultimately scrapes the internet for these media files and makes it user-friendly and quickly navigating. You need to go with the usage of most stable Kodi, and for now, that is Kodi 18 Leia. Most of the android boxes usually come up with preloaded Google Play Store options and hence installing Kodi for android box will go to be a smooth ride anyhow. The only thing you have to have here is a free Google Account. Let’s read our guide about how to install kodi on android box.

What is Kodi & How to Install Kodi On Android Box

Being designed by Kodi Foundation to offer seamless access over a wide range of media sources photos, videos, movies, TV shows, Kids’ channels and much more, Kodi is an open source software application that allows users to play videos, songs, podcasts and much more quickly on their devices. It means that one can easily watch out their favorite programs or movies without connecting to their local cable operator. Just watch what your internet data allows you and whenever you required. Apart from installing Kodi on android box, you can also use Kodi on firestick, Xbox & windows.

Kodi is being designed to offer an extreme level of convenience and ease of usage to the users so that one can easily enjoy their favorite programs without interfering their various tasks. The introduction of Kodi into the marketplace has seriously made it easy to stream out ones’ favorite programs at his/her comfort. It is a buzzing topic these days that have to alert the cable operators too (going to cover up the market soon).


Before you install Kodi On Android TV box make sure your Smart TV Box must be running on Android 5.0+ or higher version. Obviously, Kodi is available to download for Android box but the higher android version (5.0+) is also necessary. Follow below-mentioned steps to check the Android version of Android TV Box.

  • Open your Android TV Box
  • Go to settings

Kodi on Android Box

  • Click on About

Kodi 18 on Android Box

  • Scroll down (Use Remote) and check the Android version of your Android TV Box

Install Kodi on Android TV Box

Check above image where you can clearly see that my android box is running on 6.0.1 version, it means now I can install Kodi on Android Tv box.

I am repeating again, if you want to run Kodi on Android TV Box then you must be running over Android 5.0 or above. Kodi is not supported to the earlier versions of Android.

Steps to Install Kodi on Android Box

Just like one does with Kodi installation on Firestick, Kodi 18/18.3 on android box is straightforward to process where all you need to do is:

  • Launch your Android box
  • Go to Apps and click on google play

How to install Kodi 18 on Android Box

  • Now create a free Google Account there. If you already have one you can go for using that also.

Kodi for android box

  • Once done, now make a secure login to your Google Play Store account.
  • Add the name of Kodi in the search bar and search for it over there. (Here we will Install Kodi 18 on Android Box)

android tv box kodi

  • Click on Install to get the app on your android box.

kodi android box

  • You have to wait for fewer seconds over there.
  • Launch Kodi using its related app from the home screen and open it to test whether it is correctly running on your android box or not.

Will it be beneficial to select a fully loaded android box for installing Kodi?

Presence of a wide range of fully loaded android boxes holds the capacity of convincing any of the newbies towards it. But is it trustworthy or convenient to choose these? Not for sure.

We don’t recommend the purchasing of a fully loaded android box for installing Kodi 18 on it. Most of the times, the Kodi boxes come up with various copyright infringing addons from repos that may take your security in danger. They might include some malware and a cause your device to crash, freeze, or simply it can stop working as well. You might even get acknowledged to some add-ons automatically that might affect your performance as well. That’s why if you are going to choose an android box for Kodi 18/18.3 Leia, select the one that you can easily customize later.

Note: In this tutorial, we have installed Kodi 18/18.3 Leia on Android TV box but Kodi 17.6 is also working fine on Android Box.


So that is how you can install Kodi on Android box and access to unlimited free content for nonstop streaming. Here we have demonstrated depth guide on How to install Kodi 18/18.3 Leia on Android TV box now all you have to do is install a popular and widely trusted third-party Kodi 18.2 add-ons to stream your favorite contents in High Quality.

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