Best Filelinked Codes for FireTV and Android – The Biggest List (2020)

Need a list of the best FileLinked Codes for 2020? Here is an exclusive list of Best FileLinked Codes For Firestick & Fire TV to install the latest apps on your devices.

What is Filelink and/or Filelinked?


FileLinked (previously known as droidadmin) is a file-sharing app (some call it a downloader app, but a file-sharing app is a more accurate term) with a twist.

Whether you are willing to share your videos or photos or it is about sharing some apps or music files, FileLinked can make everything much easier for you. The app comes up with a file uploader and files user options that one can easily use as per requirements.

As we have mentioned to you earlier that some twist is there and that is high-level privacy security.

You can easily upload and share your private photos with the only one whom you want to be. Every file includes a code and that you have to share with the person whom you wanted to access it. The FileLinked apk comes up with a handy feature to sideload apps that you can easily install on your Firestick to improve your streaming experience.

If you are willing to know about the different FileLinked codes list, come and grab the opportunity as we are here with the best filelinked codes for Android.

What is FileLinked (or formerly Droidadmin) – How to Use FileLinked Codes for Android and Amazon devices?

filelinked apk codes

FileLinked is a bulk downloader tool, especially being designed for Android and Firestick users. The Filelinked Android apk works on some codes that help you in installing various favorite apps on your Firestick device. One can easily upload files into the FileLinked repository.

In case of a file-sharing process; you have to share your generated code with the other person only. One can easily access the file just by accessing that code on their FileLinked application.


This application is a great time saver as you don’t need to spend your precious time downloading APK files on Firestick and to move it using USB option manually.

So, download FileLinked Android apk and use FileLinked Codes to install your favorite apps within seconds.

How to Install FileLinked APK For Android & Firestick

As we mentioned above basically filelinked is designed for Android and Fire stick users so here we will share the installation process for both devices. Let’s get started.

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FileLinked Apk Download For Android (2020)

  1. Go to Android home screen option.
  2. Press Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources.
  3. Now Download the latest version of FileLinked apk File From Here
  4. Navigate the recently downloaded file and then allow it to run.
  5. Press Install and wait till the installation completes.

How to Install FileLinked On Firestick

  1. Open your Firestick and tap on Settings > Device > Developer Options.
  2. Launch the Amazon App Store and search for Downloader to install it.
  3. Wait till the installation completes and once done click on Settings followed by Enable Javascript and then press YES to enable it.
  4. Get back to the home screen and then add URL: and then press Go.
  5. Wait till the downloading process of FileLinked Android apk completes and once its done scroll down to get Install.
  6. Press Install and once done with the installation process.
  7. Now you must see the prompt window. Click On Delete to Delete the Apk file (Don’t worry, file is no longer needed).
  8. Tap on Open and start accessing FileLinked APK immediately.

We also have a more detailed guide that you can access here.

FileLinked Codes and Pins (2020)

The FileLinked app runs on the transformation of Filelinked code and Filelinked pin combinations which one has to use accurately to enable secure access.

The usage process is entirely natural. You have to launch the app and then need to enter the valid Filelinked code to proceed further.

Each section comes with a different shortcode option. Once you have one; you can easily view and download the apps being stored inside that particular repository.

how to use filelinked

Best FileLinked Codes in 2020 For Fire stick (Updated List)

As we have mentioned you earlier that the FileLinked app runs on some codes.

Only that person can access the files stored in FileLinked app that particular have the security code of that file section.

In short, we can also say that it is one of the securest apps.

It makes it easy for you to share your private data with absolute security with the person you want. Here is the list of some of the best FileLinked Codes 2020, have a glance:

177793932222Terrarium TV and Spotify App. As you know, Terrarium TV is ranked amongst the most reliable streaming apps. Do remember the pin along with the code.
35746417Not Required.TVZion FileLinked Store.
222222224754APK Store with apps like CyberFlix TV, Cinema HD, Morph TV, MX Player, Cloud TV, Titanium TV, Morpheus TV. You can also use the 22222222 (pin: 4754) for BeeTV. Whether you are using any of the modern Android devices or Kodi 18 or even Amazon Fire Stick, the 4754 (pin) 2222 2222 (code) combination should grant you access to the most complete set of content.
12345678Not Required.Think of this code as a downloader app to get Youtube TV app and different Kodi 18 (and later) wizard builds (New).
85810914Not Required.Different versions of Kodi and Aptoide Store. This code (with no required pin) gets updates pretty regularly and also offers VLC media player app for streaming. If you can’t find some app on your normal Android store or otherwise, you can access Aptoid TV to have another resource.
960311721234Terrarium Clones. Do take note that Terrarium TV did go offline about a year ago. But there are people who have no choice but to use the same name.
110398681010CCleaner, Bobby Hd (Coto Movies, TV shows, and other entertainment content) Ads free streaming apps. Sometimes you have to use pin: 2501. From NxtLvlTech
74238464Not Required.Movie Streaming (Movie HD, Cinema HD).
91195389Not Required.Best Kodi 17.6 Builds.
38069272Not Required.Bes Apk to improve the functionality of firestick.
142247359876RedBox TV (movies). Take care of the pin part.
131313134545Jetbox along with some more apps. Don’t forget to use the pin. From Optimum Bliss.
767051963223Use this for K Porteous APK packages.
56001333Not Required.FreeTech
74129627Not Required.This has some good streaming APKs.
36260523Not Required.For many Kodi APKs and Forks. Uses Built-in Wizards. It also allows for multiple Kodi instances.
71607934Not Required.Different APKs.
769084832010For various community Builds to use with Kodi. It also offers some streaming APKs. From EzzerMac.
34349226Not Required.Different APKs.
575188494480From The Juggernaut on YouTube.
11867288Not Required.From NoleDynasty
51829986Not Required.Different APKs
88897031Not Required.Different ROMS and Emulator in addition to Retro Games.
45691709Not Required.Filelinked Store from Xanax and Slamious.
67664537Not Required.Exousia
27844165Not Required.Potato streams
45541591Not Required.From Coolldeas on Youtube.
44427643 peters YouTuber.Not Required.It offers some Kodi repos and Wizards.
705108629999From SKyMashi offering Fire Stick and APK tools. For the latest pin go to
80409018Not Required.For more Kodi 18 builds.
53098718Not Required.Very in-demand Android APK that offers a ton of content. If you want a code for the official FreeFlix HD channel, this is it.
57458882Not Required.The official code for TVZion Filelinked store.
67817931Not Required.The official code for TeaTV. For those who don’t know, TeaTV is considered as the best Terrarium TV alternative for TV sets running on Android.
55621089Not Required.Ton of stuff related to paid IPTV subs along with FireStick stuff and some emulator stuff. From G & Lenn Penn.
16553983Not Required.Get this code to access the best APKs for TV shows and movies along with IPTV content. From Doug.
47603928Not Required.For more Android apps via Joe’s Place.
789336819999For TV show and Movie content. To get the latest pin go two
603393499999Get SKyMashi along with Kodi and other media players. To get the latest pin go to
69302536Not Required.To mirror the server HTTP:// This is a DroidAdmin code from Lisa Crawford.
631066187777From Mr. On Demand on YouTube.
89641872Not Required.Random stuff.
40292055Not Required.More random stuff.
33521959Not Required.Even more random stuff.
23119623Not Required.For IPTV, movies and good APKs. From Da-Man Myst on YouTube.
30612263Not Required.Various different Spanish and English apps from JM_tvbox.
30612263Not Required.Various different Spanish and English apps from JM_tvbox.
29834673Not Required.Various apps in Spanish and English from, again, JM_tvbox.
80454071Not Required.For apps, TV series, movies and streaming APKs.
866662824242From Ministry of Appropriation Malfaust.
747474749876For IPTV Sport APKs. From Cb74.
393477944242Ministry of Appropriation.
939890394058TV content. From SuperDells.
76115743Not Required.Different apps. From Kingson.
53053526Not Required.From Ultraraaj. It offers many working APKs.
48332273432By Bo.
204175856403Kodi Super Store. By Electrical M.D.


Wrapping Up

So there you go. This is really all you need to know about the best FileLinked Codes list of 2020.

We not only have provided with one of the most famous FileLinked code and pin sets here but also have tried to introduce what exactly it is and how can FileLinked Android apk be installed on your devices.

I hope it will help you a lot in accessing various features seamlessly.

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