How To Install FileLinked on Firestick & Fire TV

Today, we are going to talk about How To Install FileLinked on Firestick & Fire TV. The reason why you should have FileLinked on your firestick is that it offers dual functionality in a single package. You will be able to use it as a file sharing the app on your firestick as well as use it to sideload apps. That means you will also be able to use apps that are not available on the Amazon App Store.

The file-sharing services can be used to share all type of files such as videos, photos, music, and APKs. It even lets you share the files privately with your friends or family. The app sideloading is also actually done by utilizing the file sharing feature, as you are able to exchange APKs of files with your friends.

We have thus prepared a detailed guide on installing and using FileLinked on firestick. Let’s directly get started with the installation steps. Also, check Firedl codes for firestick apps.

How To Install FileLinked on Firestick

  1. As FileLinked is just another third-party app, the only way to download it is by using some other app which will help you in downloading FileLinked app. One more pre-requisite is that this app should be available on the Amazon App Store to facilitate easy download of FileLinked app.
  2. Hence, we have found out 2 apps that can help you in this, that are, Downloader app and ES file explorer that are available on the Amazon App Store. These apps are very popular and widely used among firestick users. So if you use them already, there is no need to take any action but if you are not using it, then you can just download it from the store.
  3. We will show you the steps for downloading FileLinked using both these apps, however, there are a few additional steps that you need to do for easy installation of FileLinked on firestick. So just follow the below steps to install FileLinked on Firestick.

Steps to Install FileLinked on Firestick Using Downloader

  • Go to settings of firestick from its home screen.
  • Click ‘device’.
  • Click ‘Developer options’.
  • Click ‘Apps from unknown sources’ and check if it is turned off or on, if it is off, then turn it on.
  • Now we are good to go. Let us show you how to download FileLinked on firestick using Downloader app.
  • Assuming that you have already installed Downloader app from the store, just open the app and stay on below screen.

How To Install FileLinked on Firestick

  • As you can see the space to enter URL, click on the field and enter this URL:
  • Now click on Go button.
  • There’s nothing more to do, the app download will start.
  • It will be downloaded soon.
  • Click ‘install’ to complete the installation. On completing the installation, you will see an option to open the app and then delete the APK. Just open the app and delete the file as prompted.

Install FileLinked on Firestick

  • The FileLinked app is now installed, you can run the app anytime from My apps and channels section.

Let us also brief you about the file sharing service, as you must be curious. If you want to share some photos privately with your family as an example, you can upload the files in this app, then create code using the app which can be used by your family to access the shared photos on FileLinked app on their device. Similarly, if you want to sideload apps on fire stick, then ask your friends to upload the APK using the same method and then download the APK on your fire stick using their code.

How to Download FileLinked on Firestick using ES File Explorer?

Most of us know that ES File Explorer is one of the most popular and a very good file manager. It is not only popular on Android, but also popular on other platforms including firestick. Just install this from Amazon App Store and follow the below steps:

  • Launch the ES explorer app on firestick.
  • You will see various options like cloud, compressed, cleaner, apps, images, music, movies, etc. on its home screen. Click on ‘Downloader’ after scrolling down.
  • You will see a screen like below, click ‘+New’.

FileLinked on Firestick

  • You will see a prompt which requires you to enter Path or URL and name of the app you wish to download. This is just like the Downloader app discussed above.

Just enter below details:


Name: FL (Name can be anything you like)

  • Just click download now button to start a download of FileLinked instantly.
  • Click the open file button when the download finishes.
  • Click the install button when you see below screen. Then click install again when you see the next prompt.

How To Install FileLinked on Firestick & Fire TV

  • The FileLinked app will be installed shortly and be ready to use. Click open to use it instantly or done to use it later.
  • We are done. To use its file sharing service, you will have to create an account on its website first. Then open FileLinked on firestick and enter the code in below screen.

FileLinked on Firestick

FileLinked – How to Install Latest File Linked on Amazon Firestick

You can then start uploading and sharing files using this app. We have now demonstrated how to install FileLinked on firestick. We hope that this article proved helpful for you to download and use the app. We hope that you liked it and request you to share this article with your friends to support us. We will be back with a new article soon so stay tuned until then.

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