Best Kodi Builds For Kodi 18.3 & Kodi 18.2 Leia

Best Kodi 18.3 Builds (July 2019) – If you have been following our articles on Kodi & Firestick so far, you would have read our article on the big day of Kodi 18 release. We had promised you in our article that we will keep coming up with more articles which will help you double your joy of using Kodi 18. Hence, we are back to fulfill the promise as Kodi developers have released a new update Kodi 18.3. We will talk about the best Kodi 18.3 builds you should try for this update. You can also update your firestick by installing latest Kodi 18.3 on firestick.

Those who are new to Kodi, let us tell you that Kodi builds are a great resource for downloading best add-ons for use on Kodi and these are constantly updated so you need to know which ones are best for the current version of Kodi. We have listed and described some of the best Kodi 18.3 builds that you will need for your entertainment so this article will help you get the best build for Kodi 18.3 based on your choice. We have also added new working List of Kodi 18.3 builds for firestick. Let’s have a look at our Best working Kodi builds for Kodi 18.3 in 2019.

Best Kodi 18.3 Builds – Working July 2019


Before we proceed to the list of new kodi 18.3 builds let me tell you guys, Development on Kodi version 19 M has also begun. Kodi 19 beta is also available for download and there are some builds which are working on Kodi 19. I will update you guys with working Kodi 19 builds till then enjoy these builds on kodi 18.3 & firestick.

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Kodi 18.2 Builds

You must have used this build in earlier versions of Kodi also and seen its reference in our articles too. We couldn’t stop ourselves from mentioning this again as this still continues to be one of the best builds for Kodi. It has lots of add-ons and they are working. You should try the video add-ons including AdryanList, AdultHideout, Bennu, BoB Unleashed, Castaway, cCloud TV, Champion Sports, Covenant, DC Sports, Death Streams (SALTS replacement), Duckpool, Elysium, GoodFellas 2.0, Maverick TV, NBA Full Games, Planet MMA, Pro Sport, Pulse Fitness, Quantam, Release HUB, Specto Fork, SportsDevil, UK Turk Playlists, Ultimate Whitecream, VideoDevil, and more. The developers keep upgrading this build to keep up to users expectations which always makes it to the top of the list. So, Don’t hesitate to add this build in the list of Top Kodi 18.3 builds.

  • URL –


This is another horse which never exhausts. This Kodi 18.3 build has also kept itself at top of the list since years. It continues to be the best build available for Kodi. It has add-ons for video and live TV such as Gaia, Maverick TV, Yoda, At The Flix, Rising Tides, 13Clowns, Supremacy, Neptune Rising, Placenta, Planet MMA, Bob Unleashed, The Pyramid, Sports Hub, Youtube, Mobdina, and many more. Moreover, it offers best in class skin or interface and also provides many options to choose from. It has categories such as Movies, TV Shows, Sports and also gives option to update preferences according to your liking.

  • URL –

Misfit Mod Lite

Kodi 18.2 Builds 2019

Misfit mod lite is another one of the most popular Kodi 18.3 builds. This build comes from Misfit Mods Wizard and is very lightweight so it best suits for devices like Amazon fire stick. It offers add-ons like Project M, Bennu, Crackle, ESPN 3, GoodFellas, SpinzFlix, The Pyramid, SportsDevil, YouTube, MP3 Streams and is good for streaming live TV, sports, music, and TV shows. This is also among the one who has given tough competition since a long time to its peers so it’s a must have on your Kodi.


Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider offers some great Movies, Tv shows, Live TV, Magic Dragon, Sports, Live Sports, Kid Zone, Docs Zone, Favourites, Music, Tools and more. It uses Aeon Nox Silvo skin to provide you great interface and offers various sections such as Movies, Tv shows, Live TV, Magic Dragon, Sports, Live Sports, Kid Zone, Docs Zone, Favourites, Music, Tools, Top Add-ons and more. It supports Amazon FireStick, PC, Raspberry Pi, Mac, and Android too. One highlight about this Kodi 18.3 build is that it provides very fast streaming of content. That is the prime reason we have added this build on our best Kodi 18.3 builds list of 2019.

URl –


Best Kodi 18.2 Builds 2019

This is a versatile build for Kodi 18.3 as it works great on all types of streaming devices. It also has the fast streaming capacity with add-ons like Supremacy, The Loop, Magic Dragon, SportsDevil, Yoda across various categories such as TV Shows, Live TV, Music, Sports, Kidz, and more.


Red Wizard

This Kodi 18.3 build comes from One Alliance repository and is one of the builds we have not mentioned in our earlier articles. It also has a real debrid integration making it different from other add-ons in this list. It supports quick streaming of high quality of content which makes it in this top kodi 18.3 builds list.



Kodibuilds for Kodi 18.2

You must have heard about Durex build in our earlier articles which was in the list of best builds for earlier Kodi versions. Now the developers of Durex has come up with Xanax, which has a similar interface. Hence, you will definitely like this if you used and liked Xanax. Try once this Kodi build on Kodi 18.3 and I am sure you will love it.


BK links

BK links build is good for big devices such as NVIDIA shield as it is bigger in size. It comes with add-ons like Neptune Rising, Dothraki, Nemesis, Maverick TV, Death Streams, Placenta, Planet MMA, Supremacy, The Dogs Bollocks, Verdict, Wolf Pack, and more. It is best for viewing content in 4K on Kodi 18.2 and above.

URL – 

The Beast Build

Beast Build is one of the most Popular Kodi build to watch content from the USA & UK. This build contains only working addons so you will always get Top notch content in high quality. IF you are willing to install this build on your Kodi device then you should definitely check our below guide.

How to Install The Beast Build On Kodi

Latest Kodi Builds For Kodi 18.2 & Kodi 18.3

  • 1Amazing Build –
  • Streamline Build –
  • Slamious Build –
  • OneNation Portal –
  • Diamond Build –
  • Xontech Build –

Alright friends, we have now arrived at the conclusion of this article as we have provided the list of some of the best Kodi 18.3 builds in July 2019. We hope this list will be helpful to you in sorting out the best one for your entertainment needs. You should also try some more builds for kodi 18.2 & Kodi 18.3 like streamline, One Nation Nebula, Maze, Blue magic, Nova, Slamious, CellarDoor TV and more. Keep exploring more builds to make the experience bigger. We hope that you liked this article and will share it with your friends also. We will keep coming up with more awesome articles, stay tuned with us like always.

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