Best Builds for Firestick (100% Working)

Looking for the best builds for firestick or Kodi builds for Firestick? If yes, then you got the right page because today we are going to share a list of best Kodi firestick build. Firestick has been one of Amazon’s most successful products to date. It basically upgrades your TV to a smart TV. The Firestick allows users to Stream films and shows from premium services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. The device is portable in nature and has taken entertainment to the next level.

Web Browsing is another feature of the Amazon Firestick. However, a good wifi connection is necessary for the device to function properly. Here, we will be looking for the best Best Builds for Firestick in 2020 or best Kodi builds for firestick.

The Best Firestick Builds 2020


Below we have listed best builds for firestick and all these firestick builds are working, yes! you read it right. We are updating this article on a daily basis so you can bookmark this page to get latest updates of firestick builds in 2020. Below is some working Kodi builds for firestick which we have tested and worked like charm for us. So, let’s check out the best builds for firestick in 2020. If you haven’t updated your firestick yet, then walk through this guide to update your firestick.

Best Kodi builds for Amazon Firestick (2020)

Fire TV Guru Build

Like the name suggests The Fire TV Guru Build of Kodi is made for the Firestick. Fire Tv guru is one of the best builds for firestick. This build is popular for its nice visuals and popular selection of add-ons. Some of the included add-ons include Elysium, NBC Sports, Bob Unleashed, SkyNet, Picasso, Falcon Sports, and NFL Games. The layout is well designed and hence the navigation is quite easy. The installation file is available from the internet and can be downloaded for free. The size of the build is not big enough to slow your Firestick. In fact, the build runs smoothly on most devices like the Android. Also, the cool screensavers and skins are other great aspects of this build.

Durex Build

Durex is another great Kodi build for firestick whose popularity has skyrocketed in the recent time. The visual designing is top notch and it is quite easy to navigate. The navigation is indeed one of the strong points of the Durex Build. Also, it comes with some quality add-ons like Exodus, Covenant, Placenta, The Pyramid, Rebirth etc. What truly separates Durex from other Kodi Builds is the availability of four servers to choose from. So server problem, won’t be your problem.

Kodi Collusion

This is one of the most recent Firestick builds to come out and there is a fair chance that you wouldn’t have heard of it. Kodi Collusion is a lightweight build and runs perfectly smooth on a low spec device like the Firestick. It offers almost all the popular add-ons and avoids the unnecessary ones to avoid a feeling of over-bloating. The user interface is simplistic and neat. The installation size is around 190 MB and it’s super smooth. Some of the included add-ons are Maverick TV, Deceit, The Magic Dragon, Loki, Sport 365, SportsDevil, Youtube, World of Wrestling, Wrestling on Demand.


Another recent launch, the Titanium build is among the best builds ever released for the Firestick. In terms of popularity, this has to be the numero uno among the list. Developers have worked hard on this and it is evident by the clean and crisp user-interface. Titanium is more than 500 MB in size, but it doesn’t seem to take any toll on the Firestick nor have any performance issues been reported. HD movie lovers will be thrilled by this build as it has got some great add-ons to watch films. Some of the built-in add-ons include Supremacy, Gaia, Yoda, Maverick TV, Deathstar, Wrestling on Demand. Also, it is being constantly updated to keep out any bugs or glitches.

BK Links Build

Popularly called as BBB (Big Beautiful Build) which is a very justifiable name. Compared to other builds, the size is quite large and is around 350 MB. Hence, if you are using the Firestick then you might run into Buffering issues. Due to the significantly large space it occupies, it has got a great UI and clean layout. It also packs some amazing add-ons like The Magic Dragon, SportsDevil, Redemption, Loki, Planet MMA, Neptune Rising etc. This should be your go-to build if you are not on the Firestick.

CellarDoor TV

The only issue against this build is that it is a big build. Hence there might be lags or framerate issues when using on the Firestick. Besides that, CellarDoor TV has some great add-ons like Cartoon Crazy, Bob Unleashed, Nemesis, Flixnet, Poseidon, and Covenant. The layout is very good and navigation is quite easy. This Kodi firestick build is being constantly updated in 2020 and in every update, new add-ons are being included.

Things You Should Know About Kodi Firestick Builds

Kodi builds are a much easier, faster alternative than customizing Kodi. Each build comes with its own set of add-ons, skins, and other settings. If you are not a person who prefers to spend a lot of time setting up Kodi manually, then Kodi builds will service you. Each builds has different layouts and installation size. Also, Firestick builds are quite easy to install. It is also recommended to use a VPN to prevent third parties from tracking you. NordVPN is a good software to have.


Kodi builds are a great way of enhancing your experience with Firestick. While there are a lot of best builds for Firestick available, we have provided you with the ones, which we believe, would be of best interest for you. If you have any questions or doubts regarding the builds do write to us.

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