How to Watch WWE on Kodi (Live Stomping Grounds)

The WWE Stomping Grounds event is going to take place on June 23, 2019, at Tacoma Dome in Tacoma and you can watch live event of WWE on Kodi too. Here we are sharing a depth guide to Watch WWE Live on Kodi for free.

We all have watched WWE at some point of time in our life. Especially when we were kids, we were crazy for WWE and many of us have also tried to imitate the wrestlers along with our friends. We have come up with this article today to rekindle your life with that special memories once again, and that too with our favorite Kodi player. Many of us know that the event of WWE Super Stomping Grounds is coming and it will be watched by thousands of fans live at Washington on 23 June 2019. We know very well that those who cannot make it to see it live are no lesser fans, so to add to your excitement, we are going to show you a way of watching WWE Super Stomping Grounds on none other than your own Kodi player, right from your home. Yes, Now you can watch WWE on Kodi for free with Kodi addons.

How to Watch WWE on Kodi (June 2019)

However, an unfortunate thing is that WWE will not be available to watch in all countries, but is rather streamed only in some select countries with selected streaming partners. But we all know that Kodi makes it possible to stream even such content which is not available in particular locations, due to its great add-ons. We are here to show you a way to watch the geo-restricted content of WWE regardless of your location. We suggest that you strongly follow our guide so as to be safe while streaming WWE on Kodi from a restricted location.

How to Watch WWE on Kodi from Region-Restricted Location

The solution is to install IPVanish VPN on Kodi first before even installing the add-ons that facilitate WWE. You should keep in mind that if you try to watch WWE on Kodi without IPVanish VPN, then not only will you be blocked from accessing the event but your ISP may also identify you and send a legal notice for accessing the restricted event. When you connect through IPVanish, you will be anonymous while streaming the event and you will also be prevented from being blocked. Click here to get 45% IPVanish VPN.

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We now believe that you might have got a good understanding about the pre-requisites of watching WWE Super Stomping Grounds on Kodi, so we will now show you how to install some good WWE add-ons which will help you seamlessly stream and enjoy WWE on Kodi. Before we show how to install these add-ons, you should ensure that the installation from unknown sources is enabled in Kodi settings, follow below steps to check:

  1. Launch Kodi and click on settings icon from the left menu.
  2. When you see further options, click on system settings and go to the add-ons section.
  3. You will see the option of installation from unknown sources, just turn it on.

Best Addons to Watch WWE On Kodi (Stream Live Stomping Grounds)

Now let us see what add-ons will you need to stream WWE on Kodi. make sure you subscribe to IPVanish Vpn before streaming WWE on Kodi.

UK Turk Playlist

Watch Live stream of WWE on kodi

If you have followed our articles earlier, you might have definitely come across this add-on name. This is one of the good WWE Kodi add-ons for streaming sports, it also offers UFC, Football, NFL, NBA, etc. along with WWE. You can install it using below steps:

  • Open Kodi and click on settings icon from the left menu.
  • Click on “File manager” option out of the many options that appear.
  • Click on “Add source” option to see a dialog box where you will see a space to enter URL or link to the add on the source. Enter this link and click ok. You will also need to enter the name of the media source.
  • Go back to the home screen and from the left menu click add-ons, then click on a box-like icon on the top that takes you to the add-on browser.
  • Click on “install from zip file” from the options that you see.
  • You will see a prompt dialog box, click “Repositories” -> “Androidaba” -> “Repositories” ->kodil-1.3zip”.
  • Then click on “install from repository” on the same screen.
  • Go to “Kodil repository” -> “Video Add-ons” -> “UK Turk Playlist” and click install.
  • The add-on will be installed in the background and you will see a notification as soon as it is complete.

You can launch the add-on to watch WWE on Kodi just like any other add-on on Kodi.

We watch wrestling

We watch wrestling is also great addon to watch Live WWE on Kodi. As the name of add-on suggests, this is a dedicated add-on for wrestling fans. The steps to install are similar to the above but you just have to change the zip file. You can enter this link in “Add source”: In the step where we install the zip file, you should click “Lazy repo” -> “Repositories” -> “Androidaba” -> “Repositories” -> “”.

In the step where we install from repository, go to “Kodiuktv” -> “video add-ons” -> “We watch wrestling” add-on.


watch live wwe on Kodi

This is another add-on that offers WWE streaming on Kodi. You can enter the path link as in the add source. In the step where we install from zip, click “Kodil Repo” -> “”. In the step where we install the repository, go to “Kodi repository” -> “Video Add-ons” -> “Castaway” and install it.

Cerebro IPTV+

This is one of the best add-ons to watch WWE stomping grounds on Kodi. Actually, Cerebro IPTV is based on mobdro servers it has tons of different sections including Live TV, Live Sports streaming and many more.


Final Verdict

We have now shown you the complete demonstration of add-ons to be installed for watching WWE Super Stomping Grounds on Kodi. We would like to iterate that you install IPVanish VPN before attempting to install any of the above add-ons. You can share this article with your friends so they can also enjoy WWE on Kodi. Keep supporting us as always and we will come up with new articles soon.



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