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20% discount for Amazon Firestick with Alexa Remote

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Expires on: 09/24/2021

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Amazon FireStick is a great way to get your streaming experience up and running and finally become a cord-cutter. It gets even better if the Amazon FireStick model you are interested in is on sale.

From time to time, Amazon and other third-party sellers introduce discount coupons and codes. Consumers interested in benefiting from these coupons and codes can get the latest Amazon FireStick and Alexa Voice Remote models virtually any time they want.

It’s hard to find the best deals for the new Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Stick Lite model, but we have something that can help everyone.

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Depending on where you live, you may have to pay as much as $49.99 for an Amazon FireStick that comes with the Alexa Voice Remote. However, if you manage to get your hands on a decent promo code for the Fire TV Stick, you can get that price down to $39.99.

Moreover, you don’t even have to wait for Amazon Prime Day to get the code to work. Just make sure you’re using the right code—and check to see whether you’re eligible for the deal—while making the purchase from the website.

This is important:

Make sure you enter the code 4KFIRETV during the checkout process.

If you happen to be one of Amazon Prime’s customers, you qualify for a 50% discount on Fire TV Stick devices. That would bring the price down to either $29.99 or $24.99, depending on which model you get. Of course, your final price can vary depending on whether you get free shipping to your address.

While you can search various media video channels and apps to get the best coupon deal on Fire TV Stick and Alexa Voice Remote, the best selling prices will rarely go under reg. $29.99.

Things to Keep in Mind

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Amazon Prime site members can avail the free two-day shipping option if their accounts qualify. Sometimes, you can complete your FireStick shopping and buy one of these devices with free shipping if your total exceeds $25 at checkout.

That said, any Fire Stick coupon offer that you see anywhere today can simply vanish tomorrow. So, you should make sure you select the right offers at the right times and do so quickly.

The Fire TV device has become the top-selling streaming device for movies and TV series (like Netflix, Amazon also produces its own top-quality content). As a result, it regularly sells out whenever there’s a good deal available to consumers.

There are even deals for the Amazon Fire TV device’s remote control, so make sure you don’t miss out on those either.

Should You Use a VPN with FireStick?

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Some users like to use a VPN (virtual private network) service when playing content from a Fire TV stick device. And while VPN services aren’t expensive, the companies behind them offer coupon deals along with promo code campaigns as well.

You should try to get the best deal not just for the Fire TV Stick but also for its remote control and the VPN service you’ll use with it.

Read about the best VPNs for FireStick devices here.

Why You Should Buy an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Device Today

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There are many reasons why you should go ahead with your Fire TV Stick 4K device with Alexa Voice Remote purchase—with or without a coupon code for a sale price.

The main reason is that Fire Stick TV is among the best streaming devices on the market today, and that’s because it’s the most powerful one.

It outperforms competitors on pricing, performance, compatibility, search/navigation features, live TV streaming and more factors.

Here are some of the most in-demand features you may love when you start using your Fire Stick device:


Fire Stick offers the most apps not just for enhancing its own functionality but also for playing content from other providers such as YouTube, Disney+, HBO and Hulu Live, along with many other eligible streaming services.

You don’t need to have a Prime subscription to view content channels on Fire TV.


An image featuring the Amazon FireStick TV remote representing the Alexa voice remote commands concept

Another reason why you should get a Fire TV device is to make use of the Alexa Voice remote commands.

This feature makes it easier for anyone to navigate through Fire TV’s menus and see content easily at any time of the day.


Fire TV Sticks also offer advanced streaming features such as 4K, Ultra HD, HDR, HDR 10+, Dolby Vision and live streaming.

These may not be that prominent if you only get information about Fire TV from the service’s website.


a huge list of tv channels

Fire Stick can play content from over 500,000 TV episodes and movies, some of which are free to watch even without a Prime subscription deal (such as through IMDB TV and TubiTV).

Finally, Fire Stick stick may actually offer the most complete streaming package today in the market because of its apps, games, channels, Alexa commands and storage management.

Bottom Line: Use This FireStick Coupon

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As mentioned before, select consumers have the opportunity to use code 4KFIRETV when they go through the checkout process in order to receive $25 off the regular price and get one for as low as $4.99.

Keep in mind that the coupon code to receive the deal only works with select accounts on Amazon.

In some cases, you may only be able to reduce the price to $24.99, but that’s still a decent deal for your money.

If the provided coupon code gets you a deal, leave a comment below to let us know.

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