Best FireStick TV Channels to Watch (Free and Paid)



Good news for the Amazon Firestick buyers! The list of the complete channels that you can access through the Firestick this 2019 had expanded more than ever.


From its release in 2014, Amazon Firestick had included numerous apps that you could download. Just be aware that not all of them are free but using the Firestick remote allows you to navigate more channels for a particular category like sports or a new one through Apps ->Categories. This makes it safe for you to at least have this main difference among the channels set. They come free or with a fee.




  1. NETFLIX – While you have purchased an online streaming service, this doesn’t come across as 100% free, does it? But, since the app is readily available on Amazon App Store, Firestick makes it accessible to you anywhere that there’s an HDMI and an internet connection, that convenience goes with you anywhere. It has a library of numerous original TV shows, movies, and documentaries. So if you’re on a holiday with your kids, you don’t have to get stuck with the cable channels the hotel got. But you can relax with the series or movies you were looking forward to binge on with your free time.


An easy fix for that though if paying doesn’t appeal to you. More than a thousand movies may be accessible to you by downloading Popcornflix instead. Outright access to its product may be downloaded through Firestick apps.


  1. FOX NEWS AND FOX BUSINESS – Nowadays, people rely heavily on social media for news. The list of Fire Stick TV channels will not be complete if there’s nothing to represent global news. While the news is available through our mobile phones, it’s better to let it run in the background while you whisk your eggs in the morning. Nothing still can beat that. And besides these two important sources of information, here are the other free Fire Stick TV channels under the category for news and current events that can be downloaded for free and viewed instantly: BBC News for Fire TV, USA Today, Bloomberg, NBC News, and The Weather Network.


  1. HAPPY KIDS TV – You’re TV shows and movies are covered, everyday news too, so other members of the family’s needs should be considered next. iPads and iPhones impose great danger unless you go undercover 24/7 to your young one. We know that is impossible unless you decide to cut down the usage of these gadgets to zero. Won’t that feel like depriving them of the future? But as kids’ programs are concerned, it’s part of enhancing their education as well in a more visual and fun way. To that, Happy Kids TV is made available for download and instant access for Firestick TV.





  1. ESPN – Sports, being one of the many forms of entertainment, had become one of the most sought after. It remains popular with its LIVE streaming matches, NBA games, and seasonal matches and competitions. Exclusively, an app for Fire TV/Firestick under the exact name, ESPN, had been made to stream live coverage, on-demand sports news, analysis, and highlights. Secure an account or log in if you have an existing one and you’ll be all set.


If again, paying is not an option, you can just download the sports app on your Fire TV. Most of the channels will not be available for free but there are some like Mobdro, (an Android-based tool used to constantly search free live video streams in the in the web), Live NetTV (streams live sports on Firestick and paying not a single cent while it gives you access to 800 and more TV channels offering news, movies shows and more on top of sports) and Pluto TV (where exclusive access to fight games for free are given besides movies and TV shows).


  1. HBO GO – There are a lot of good programs that come with a lot more features and bonus contents. One of these channels is HBO Go. And so, Firestick TV channels include it as a premium channel where subscription is needed. The list of premium Firestick TV channels includes Hulu with Live TV, Sweatflix, Discovery, DirectTV Now and many more.


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