Is it Illegal to Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV and Install Kodi? Everything You Need to Know!

What is the Amazon Fire TV?

A brand that was launched in 2014, Amazon’s Fire TV is a media player that lets you stream video content through the internet directly to your television set. The device provides access to more than 15,000 games and apps like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, ESPN, YouTube, and so on. There are two models in the brand – the Amazon Fire TV and the Amazon Fire Stick. 

If you’re looking to be able to not use a cord when wanting to watch video content on the television set, the Amazon Fire TV devices are the ideal choice. All you need in case of the Amazon Fire Tv is the Ethernet cable, and just internet and Wi-Fi connection for the Amazon Fire Stick. Photos that have been uploaded on the Amazon Cloud Drive and any music or videos bought through Amazon are available automatically when you log on.  The devices also come with a Bluetooth remote and built-in Alexa Voice so you can effectively stream content on your television set without any cumbersome cords or multiple devices.  

What is a Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Technological devices are routinely jailbroken for various reasons; for example, people often jailbreak their iPhone devices to evade iTunes’ digital rights on music, movies, and TV series. Jailbreaking is a term used when access is gained to a device to use functions and install apps that are otherwise off-limits for the owner of the device. However, in the case of an Amazon Fire Tv or Amazon Fire Stick, the jailbreaking isn’t so severe – all you need to do is install the required media server software on it. There aren’t any intense hacks or alterations being made when installing a media server on the Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick.

Is it Illegal to Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV?

The simple answer is that NO, it is not illegal. Hacking, unlocking, or jailbreaking – whatever you may prefer to call it – the Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick is certainly not illegal. The primary reason it is legal is that it is, at the end of the day, your property. Until and unless you aren’t infringing on and overstepping some national statute, or being disruptive to others enjoying their property, you too are in the right to enjoy your personal property. The only thing distinguishing a jailbroken Fiore Stick from a regular one is that KODI has been installed in the former. The only area where legality comes into the picture is not what you do with the device but how you use it. In conclusion, it is safe to jailbreak the Amazon Fire TV Stick and still avoid any legal troubles.

If the Fire Stick is being used to watch Tv shows and movies that one would otherwise have to purchase, that falls in a gray legal area. When you pay someone to jailbreak you Fire Stick they are most likely organizing KODI so that content that would usually have to be paid for can be viewed. 

Is it Illegal to sell or buy Jailbroken Fire Stick?

It is significantly harder and more gray to analyze a company or individual selling jailbroken Amazon Fire TV Sticks. It comes down to the company or individual’s reasons for doing it, what they did, the knowledge they possessed and whether they shared that information with the customer. Simply installing the server software is not illegal. But if the software is being installed and the services provided to enable piracy or other illegal activities then they are vulnerable to legal troubles. Not only the seller, but the entire pool of customers and buyers can be at risk in these cases.

 Is it Illegal to use Kodi on Jailbroken Fire Stick?

Kodi can be installed on any Fire Stick fairly quickly and without any difficulties. There is, however, a slight catch. Once Kodi, with all of its add-ons, has been installed on the jailbroken Amazon Fire Stick, it makes available a sea of digital content that is completely free on the unlocked Fire TV Stick. Multiple channels, videos, and other stream-able content, that might have otherwise been off-limits, restricted or expensive can now be accessed.

This is where the catch comes in. Jailbreaking the Amazon Fire Stick, as has been established, is not technically illegal. However, what is done next is the crucial part. For example, when it comes to watching content that is copyrighted on Kodi, that most certainly falls in the zone of illegality. It is illegal to stream and violate the terms of copyrighted material, and one runs the risk of getting in trouble with their Internet Service Provider, and more intimidatingly, depending on your country’s laws when it comes to Copyright, the Government. Accessing illegal, unlicensed or pirated content can lead to your ISP issuing a ban on your account, or even suspending and blocking the internet account.

Kodi is reputed and credible software that is completely legal. Misusing it, on the other hand, can lead to harsh legal trouble. It is up to the owner of the jailbroken Fire Stick device to decide how he intends to use the jailbroken device and whether streaming pirated content and risking legal action is worth it. Now Kodi too has begun to crack down on people allowing their device to be misused.

It is a simple and easy procedure to install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV, and the steps have been listed in detail below. This can be effectively used to function on both Amazon Fire TV devices.

Step 1: On Fire TV’s Home screen find and click on Settings

Step 2: Choose the option My Fire TV or Device and then select Developer Options

Step 3: Click on Enable on the option to download Apps using unverified and unknown Sources and ADB Debugging option.

Step 4: Go to option Device. Then select About. Select Network, and write down the IP address of your Fire TV.

Step 5: Navigate to Settings and click on Preferences. Go to Privacy Settings and turn the Collect App Usage Data and Device Use Data off.

Step 6: Search for the ES Explorer on the App Store and install it

Step 6: Go to the Tools menu after starting ES explorer. Choose the option of the Download Manager from the Tools menu.

Step 7: Right-click and select New.

Step 8:  In the Download dialogue box, type the link to Kodi file

Step 8: After the download is complete, click Open File and then choose the Install option

Step 9: When the installation screen comes up, once again, select Install. Select Open after the app is installed. The process is complete and it is now successfully installed.

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