How to Install Terraium TV on Firestick

Are you fond of watching the latest movies, TV shows, and videos but cannot own Amazon Prime or Netflix? If yes, then there is an outstanding solution for this issue i.e., Terrarium TV app.

Terrarium TV application is one of the most popular and lovable android apps that allows its users to stream numerous movies and TV programs and that too in HD quality. It is an extraordinary Amazon firestick app that works precisely like Netflix but without charging a single penny for your entertainment. You can watch any of your favorite movie and TV shows without spending anything. Moreover, you don’t need to jailbreak your firestick for using it. The best part about terrarium TV app is that it is altogether centered on its quality.


Some stunning highlights of terrarium TV are:

  • Terrarium TV has an inbuilt feature of movie request where you can make your movie request. The developers quickly take action to provide you with your movie in two to three days.
  • The application provides 10000+ movies in 4K HD quality. You can find almost every video in 1080p quality.
  • Also, the app frequently comes up with the new updates that fix all the issues if it takes place.


In case you are a regular user of terrarium TV, then you must know the fact that the app developers have made a declaration that they are closing down the application. Hence, we will not be able to stream the videos anymore. But what if you get to know that still there is a solution and you can continue using the terrarium TV on firestick. Here we are going to discuss a step-to-step guide as to how to install the terrarium TV mod apk on firestick.



There are two methods through which you can install the terrarium app: through the downloader app and the other through Apple2Fire.

Firstly, we will discuss how you can install the terrarium TV using the downloader app. So, let’s begin:


1)     How to install terrarium TV using the downloader app?


Previously, the app developers suggested using the Yes player for streaming the programs and for a better experience. However, most of the users complained that they are unable to download yes player. So, it was recommended that MX player should be used in place of yes player for streaming the videos.


Therefore, prior to installing terrarium app on your device, you need to install the MX player on firestick. Let’s see how you can do this.


Step1. Before going to start, you need to make changes by going to settings and then developer options. Turn on the ‘Allow apps from unknown sources’ from there to proceed further.


Step2. Firstly, you need to install the downloader app from the Amazon store. You can find it on the home screen of the firestick where you will get the downloader app.


Step3. From your Apps and Channel section, you can run the downloader app. The home screen of the app will appear in front of you. There you need to select and then click on the space presented on the right of the URL field.


Step4. The moment you will click on the space, an on-screen keyboard will show up where you need to type the following: Click on the ‘go’ button.

Step5. Following that, a webpage will appear in the browser section of the app. There you need to click on the ‘Download’ option.


Step6. Now, wait till the terrarium TV mod apk file gets downloaded on your firestick.


Step7. When the downloading will get completed, the app will start installing it. Now, you need to go to the bottom right of the window where you have to select the next button and then click on install to proceed.


Step8. A notification will pop up on the screen regarding the completion of the terrarium TV mod version installation.


Note: make sure not to click on the open button yet as first, we need to install the MX player to make the app work on the device.


Step9. On the downloader window, click on the delete button which makes your terrarium TV apk deleted on your firestick. This is because you won’t need it in the future as you have already downloaded the app.


Step10. Now, you need to click on the home tab again. This time you have to type the following in the URL: Click on the ‘go.’


Step11. Wait till the downloading and installation process ends.


Step12. When the MX player is installed, the notification will reappear on the screen, and you need to tap on ‘done.’


Remember not to start the MX player directly. You need to go to the Apps & Channels from where you can run Terrarium TV. A changelog box will appear where you need to click OK and further  selecting the MX player and accepting all the terms and conditions, you can start enjoying streaming your favorite programs.


2)     How to install terrarium on firestick using Apps2Fire?


This is one of the easiest and convenient methods to install terrarium TV on firestick. Also, it takes less time if you have already installed this app on your Android device. The step guide of the installation process is as follows:


Step1. Similar to the previous method, firstly you need to turn on the ‘Apps from unknown sources’ option on your firestick.


Step2. Then you will need your firestick IP address that you can get from the settings>system>about>network.


Step3. Then, you need to download and install the terrarium app apk on your android device with this link:


Step4. In case you don’t have the Apps2Fire app installed on your phone, then go the Google play store and make it fit.


Step5. After installing, launch the app and go the SETUP. Add your IP address.


Step6. Then click on the ‘Local Apps’ menu in Apps2Fire app and search for Terrarium TV.


Step7. The moment you install the terrarium TV app on firestick, you can start using the app without any hindrance.



So, this was the complete guide as to how to install the terrarium TV mod apk on firestick.


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