How to Install TVTap on Firestick

Today, we are going to show you the guide on how to install TVTap on firestick. TVTap is an IPTV app and is an upgraded version of UKTV now app. You must have read about UKTV now if you are a regular follower of our articles, as the app has been in the list of top apps in our articles always. TVTap is a very good app that you must try on firestick but we have never introduced this in our articles earlier, hence we have come up with a detailed guide today so that you can enjoy TVTap app for firestick.

As TVTap is a successor to UKTV now, you can definitely expect it to have all features of UKTV now and that too along with additional features. It comes with more than 900 TV channels from the US, Canada, and India, including categories such as entertainment, sports, movies, music, documentaries, etc.

How to Install TVTap on Firestick & Fire TV


We will show you two methods to install TVTap on firestick so that you can install it without fail.

Steps to Install TVtap on Amazon Firestick (Method 1)

The first method required the downloader app to directly download and install TVTap on fire stick. The Downloader app is available on official Amazon App Store so you can just search it and download OR read our guide to install downloader on firestick. However, as you know that TVTap is developed by third-party developers, you will have to sideload it with the help of Downloader app. If you have never downloaded third-party apps on firestick earlier, then you will have to perform some additional steps to ensure easy installation of TVTap app. So just follow the below steps:

  • Be on the firestick home page, go to “Settings” and click “My Fire TV/ Device
  • Click “Developer options
  • Turn on “Apps from Unknown Sourcesif it is not enabled.
  • Now you will be able to download TVTap easily. Launch the Downloader app and once you see the space to enter URL, enter the URL and click on go to view the webpage of TVTap inside Downloader app.

TVTap on Firestick

  • Click on firestick option to download TVTap for your firestick.

TVTap for Firestick

  • The app will be downloaded soon and then it will show you an option to install it.
  • Click on install once you see the option to install it right away.
  • Now You will be able to launch TVTap on firestick just like any other app.

Steps to Install TVTap On Firestick (Method 2)

The second method is to use FileLinked app to install TVTap app on Firestick. If you have read our article on FileLinked earlier, then you would know about this app. If you have not read, then let us tell you that FileLinked is a file sharing app that lets you share all types of files including APKs with your friends who have this app. Hence, you can also use it to sideload apps on the fire stick. All you need to do is,

  • Open your FileLinked app
  • Enter the code 11039868 of TVTap app in FileLinked app and it will do the rest. If you don’t have FileLinked installed then you can read our previous article on FileLinked to install it.

This is all about the second method of installing TVTap on firestick. We are sure that at least one out of the two methods shown above will surely work. If you want to download FileLinked then you can download it using Download by entering its URL just like we did for TVTap, you can find the link and detailed method of installation in our article that is dedicated to FileLinked app.

Wrapping Up

We have now successfully demonstrated how to install TVTap on firestick and hence we come to the end of the article. We hope that you liked this article and will share with your friends to support us. We will come back soon with another article on firestick so stay tuned until then.

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