How to Install and Watch Ping IPTV on Firestick [and Others]

What Is Ping IPTV?


Ping IPTV is a streaming provider that uses IPTV technology to deliver more than 800 high-quality channels to its users. It covers most of the popular, in-demand content from categories spanning TV series, entertainment, movies, news and sports.

This IPTV provider offers a one-month and three-month package that is reasonably priced.

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Top Features of Ping IPTV on FireStick

  1. You don’t have to provide any credit card credentials to sign on to the 24-hour free trial period. That’s a huge plus considering there aren’t a lot of streaming services willing to offer you anything without a credit card.
  2. With just one subscription, you can watch content via Ping IPTV streams on five devices simultaneously.
  3. If you use Lenox MediaPlayer, you can watch Ping IPTV streams on a variety of internet-enabled devices. More on that further in this guide.
  4. Most of the available channels offer full high-definition (FHD) content.
  5. It offers almost all of the best channels that broadcast from the U.S., the U.K. and other countries around the world.
  6. In total, just one subscription allows users access to over 800 live TV channels.

These are just some of the best IPTV TV features that come with any subscription package.

You can expect the Ping IPTV service to continue adding new features that will further enhance an already-strong streaming experience.

How to Sign up for Ping IPTV FireStick

If you have Amazon FireStick or any other internet-enabled device, you can stream content from Ping IPTV services. All you need is a customer subscription package.

Click here to sign up for a subscription package that suits your needs. Currently, there are two packages on offer.

1-Month IPTV Access3-Month IPTV Live TV Access
This package costs $24 for one month. You can access the complete service with all the channels. This option allows you to connect up to five devices simultaneously through one account.
This package costs $59 for three months. You can connect up to five devices simultaneously through the same account, like the first option. The only difference is that you have three months of access, instead of a single month.

The sign-up process is very simple. The site will ask you for a payment address along with your username, password, phone number, address, email address and name.

How to Install Ping IPTV on FireStick

The Amazon App Store does not offer the official Lenox MP app, so you’ll have to sideload it in order to use it on your FireStick device.

⚠️Attention: Before using FireStick, make sure you use a VPN. If you value your privacy, and you want to stream in a fast and secure way, use a VPN. I use NordVPN which is the fastest and most secure VPN, not to mention one of the cheapest. No matter what device you choose to stream from, NordVPN always secures you. The customer support is solid along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Get 70% Off NordVPN.

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Follow these steps to access Ping IPTV on FireStick through sideloading:

  1. Turn on your Fire TV device. Let the home screen load, open your Settings from the menu at the top of the screen.An image featuring How to Install Ping IPTV on FireStick step1
  2. Find the option that says My Fire TV. Click it.An image featuring How to Install Ping IPTV on FireStick step2
  3. The following screen will give you a list of options. From the displayed list, click on Developer Options.An image featuring How to Install Ping IPTV on FireStick step3
  4. Enable the option that’s labeled Apps From Unknown Sources. By default, your device has it to OFF. You need to set it to ON.An image featuring How to Install Ping IPTV on FireStick step4
  5. Once you complete the previous step, your FireStick device should give you a warning message. Click through this option to enable Lenox MP. You can always turn this off later.
  6. Now go back to the FireStick home screen. From the menu bar at the top, click on the magnifying glass icon that lets you search for content. It usually appears on the top-left side of your screen.An image featuring How to Install Ping IPTV on FireStick step6
  7. Now, download the Downloader app and install it. The Downloader app will help you get the Lenox MP app on your FireStick via side loading. You can also search for the Downloader app and then just follow the prompts on your screen.An image featuring How to Install Ping IPTV on FireStick step7
  8. Once you’ve downloaded the Downloader app, open it up and click through the beginning prompts. Tap the Home tab on the left. From there, look at the right-hand side and then tap the URL textbox. Then input this URL:
  9. Hit the button that says GO.An image featuring How to Install Ping IPTV on FireStick step8 and 9
  10. Doing so will now download the official Lenox MP APK on FireStick. Once done, the Downloader app that you downloaded in the previous step should give you a prompt. An image featuring How to Install Ping IPTV on FireStick step10 Read the prompt and click Install. An image featuring How to Install Ping IPTV on FireStick step10b

If everything goes well, you should now have the Lenox MP on your device. The whole process should not take more than a few minutes.

Most of the time, FireStick will show you a notification for a successfully installed app. So watch out for that. Once done, click the open button. Or, you can click the DONE button which is always a good idea since you then get the opportunity to free storage by deleting the Lenox MP APK app via the Downloader app.


For users who actually do want to delete the APK file: After clicking DONE, just click the button that says Delete from the window that pops up. And then do it again when another window pops up.

And that’s pretty much it. Now, Ping IPTV FireStick will show you all the channels that are playable via the Lenox player. Look at the top of the screen to select channels from the menu.

Some of the most in-demand categories are Sports, US Channels, Favorites, and All Channels.

In addition to that, you also have other options such as Channels, Television, TV Guide, Home, and Search. Depending on the status of your Ping IPTV subscription package, you may access videos on-demand as well.

Ping IPTV on FireStick

In this section, we’ll cover how to access the Ping IPTV service or any other new app on your Amazon FireStick.

Method 1: Access IPTV from the Applications Page

Turn on your Amazon FireStick and go to your home screen. From there, go to Settings and then to Applications.An image featuring how to Access IPTV from the Applications Page on FireStick step1 An image featuring how to Access IPTV from the Applications Page on FireStick step2

Click on Manage Installed Applications. An image featuring how to Access IPTV from the Applications Page on FireStick step3 Then click on any application you want (in this case, the Lenox MP app for Ping IPTV streaming). Then hit the launch button. An image featuring how to Access IPTV from the Applications Page on FireStick step4

Method 2: From the Home Button

If you don’t want to go through lots of menus to get to your application, just turn on your FireStick device and then grab your FireTV remote. From there, hold down the Home button for a few seconds.

Once you do that, your device should open up a new window which shows you an Apps icon. Click it to view all the apps on your system.

Method 3: From the Navigation Buttons

This method of using the FireStick navigation buttons will save you some time and effort. To get access to any of your installed applications, you first need to go to your home screen and then hit the navigation button pointing downwards.

From there, click the option in the second row near the top that says Your Apps And Channels. Now, navigate to the left. Hit the option that says See All.


Alternatively, you can also navigate to the right and click on the option that says See All. If you have less than 20 apps installed on your FireStick account, then you might not see the See All option.

In any case, if you have installed Lenox MP, then it should appear in the Your Apps and Channels Section. Scrolling downwards should get you to the Lenox MP icon.

How to Install Ping IPTV on Windows and Mac

The experience of watching Ping IPTV content on Windows and macOS computers is generally the same. However, the Ping IPTV service doesn’t have a dedicated app for Windows and macOS operating systems, so you have to use the service’s website to stream through your browser. Pretty much like you would watch Netflix on your computer’s browser, you can watch Ping IPTV channels as well.

If you are using any mainstream web browser, you should have no problem streaming content from Ping IPTV media channels directly to your computer screen, regardless of whether you’re on Windows or mac. This includes any of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera
  • Brave

To watch Ping IPTV content through your Windows or Mac device, you have to do is…

  1. Go to Click the link or copy/paste it on the URL bar of your web browser.
  2. Select the language you want appearing on the screen.
  3. Enter your account username and password to sign in and stream content from over 800 Ping IPTV channels.
These steps are the same for both Windows and Mac users since it works from within your browser.

How to Install Ping IPTV on Apple Devices

This section is for users of mobile Apple devices, including the iPad and iPhone. If you install the Lenox MP app, then you can easily get the Ping IPTV service on your iOS device.
a table with 3 iphones, an ipad and a laptop with the apple headphones on the side

  1. The app is available on the Apple App Store. Just click here or enter ‘Lenox MP’ into the search box.
  2. Click the download/install button.
  3. Click on the Lenox MP icon on your iOS device’s screen. Input your username and password to log in. (Sometimes, the app will ask you for a user ID, password and service ID. So make sure you know all three before continuing with the process.)

How to Install Ping IPTV on Android Box or Android Smart TV

In this section, we’ll take a look at Ping IPTV streaming provider on an Android platform. Now keep in mind that unlike iOS devices, Android devices come with a range of different hardware and software configurations.

This can sometimes cause problems for some Android users. Regardless, the process of installing the relevant software and then streaming content from Ping IPTV remains the same on Android devices.

an android box tv with a remote control Before proceeding though, we would like to mention that even though Amazon FireStick devices are a variant of the default Android operating system, there are some key differences between the way you stream content on a pure Android device and an Amazon FireStick device.

In this section, we will only take a look at Android devices. But keep in mind that if you take out Amazon FireStick, the process of getting Ping IPTV remains the same on Android mobile phones, tablets and TVs.

Follow these steps to stream the Ping IPTV service on your Android device:

  1. To get Ping IPTV working on your Android device, you will have to get the Lenox MP app on the Google Play Store. Just click here or search ‘Lenox MP’ manually.
  2. Download and install the app.An image featuring how to stream the Ping IPTV service on your Android device step1 and 2
  3. Launch the Lenox MP app and sign in using your Ping IPTV account information The app may ask you for your username, password and service ID, so make sure you have all of this information on hand.An image featuring how to stream the Ping IPTV service on your Android device step3

How to Use Ping IPTV with a VPN

At this point, you should have the Lenox MP app on your FireStick. And while nothing is stopping you from streaming your content right now, it is recommended that you first make use of a Virtual Private Network (or VPN).

Pro Tip:

Generally speaking, you should pick a VPN service that is fast and secure and has dedicated apps for streaming devices such as FireStick. The VPN should make it easy for you to connect to a VPN server on your FireStick device.

With that said, you should always try to make an effort to avoid violating any copyright laws. Sometimes you just don’t know if the content you are watching comes from a legal source or not.

So, to be safe, be sure to install a VPN on your FireStick. Most good VPNs come with a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can try it out before committing to a full subscription.

a laptop running a vpn program being used by a man

After subscribing to the VPN of your choice, all you have to do is to search for the corresponding app either on the Amazon App Store or on the website of your VPN provider.

Then install the app on your FireStick device, run it and then use the username and password of your VPN account to sign in. Once you have signed in, just click the connect button on the homepage to start streaming anonymously.

In addition to using VPN to stream content securely and anonymously on your FireStick device, you can also use it for everyday activities on other devices, such as your smartphone or computer.

VPNs serve to encrypt and protect your data as it travels through the internet. They’re always a great resource to have in your cybersecurity toolkit.

Is IPTV Legal?

Mostly yes, IPTV is legal. But to watch IPTV either on Windows or Android, you have to come to terms with some problems.

There are different types of IPTV services. Online-only channels are of course legal. Then there are TV channels and apps owned by TV networks such as AT&T, Disney, Comcast, Sling TV and DirecTV. These are also legal.

Then there are third-party subscription services along with plugins and websites. Only a handful of such services offer legal streams without any charge.

In the end, it all depends on the IPTV service itself—one can’t make a blanket statement about some or all IPTV streaming services.

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