How To Watch Fifa Women’s World Cup On Firestick

If you have an Amazon Firestick or Fire TV and looking for the app to watch women’s world cup on amazon firestick then this tutorial will show you How to Watch Live Women’s World Cup On Firestick or Fire TV for Free.

It’s the time of rejoicing for football fans all around the world as the FIFA Women’s World Cup begins on the 7th of June. The eighth edition of the highly anticipated Sporting tournament. Current Champions France will look to defend their cup in their backyard against some fearsome competition. A total of 24 teams will be involved in an all-out battle to reign supreme. The knockout matches start on June 22nd and the event concludes on July 7th. There are numerous ways to watch this event either through your TV, phone, PS4, etc. However, in this article, we will be dealing with how to watch the FIFA Women’s World Cup On Firestick.

How To Watch Fifa Women’s World Cup On Firestick


Fifa Women’s World Cup On Firestick

It’s a relatively simple process and all you need is a VPN software. Firstly, let’s see why you would need a VPN.

Using the IPVanish VPN

Having a top quality VPN at your disposal is necessary for this process. VPN basically changes the IP address of your pc and hence it protects your identity on the internet. It gives you an extra cushion of security. In spite of that, some sites may use cookies, which will track your usage. Hence, a VPN is not completely faultless. If you are looking for the best VPN available right now then our advice to you is to go for IPVanish which is a fantastic VPN.

It’s Features include:

  1. More than 850 servers to select from across 60 countries.
  2. Users are not limited by Bandwidth.
  3.  It offers Multi-platform security across Android, iOS, etc.
  4. No logs and unlimited P2P Traffic.
  5. Lower VOIP rates can seriously reduce the bills for users.

IPVanish is among the top of the VPN chart when comes to features provided and service. However, it is not a freeware, and for its service, you need to pay a certain amount.

1 Year – $77.99/annual billing

1 Month – $10.00/annual billing

3 Months – $8.99/annual billing

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How To Watch Fifa Women’s World Cup Using Firestick (Method 1)

  • Firstly, you need to subscribe to IPVanish VPN Service so that you can access all of it’s streaming features.
  • Launch your amazon Firestick
  • Connect your wifi network
  • Now you should download and install the IPVanish VPN app on your firestick
  • Click on search and type IPvanish, Click on install
  • Now start the app and log in.
  • Now Connect to UK server location
  • Now use the browser and go to
  • Thus you can enjoy the Live stream of women’s world cup in your Amazon Firestick for free.

Watch Women’s World Cup on Firestick Using Fox Sports app

  • Subscribe to IPVanish VPN
  • Download IPvaish App on your firestick (Through search option)
  • Open App and connect to any US server
  • Again Go back to the home screen and type Fox Sports in the search bar
  • Install it on your firestick
  • Open the Fox Sports App and login with credentials (provided by TV provider)
  • Enjoy Fifa women’s world cup on Fire TV

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How To Watch World Cup Using Kodi

You must have heard about Kodi-an incredibly popular media player software which is great at streaming. It allows streaming from the internet as well as local devices.

You can also watch the women’s world cup with the help of Kodi.

  1. Firstly, you need to subscribe to a VPN Service from below button to connect it with Kodi.
  2. Now download and install Kodi.
  3. Now using the add-on for Fifa World Cup you can watch it.

Sign Up For IPVanish VPN

Installing Kodi Add On

  1. Select the settings option from the main menu.
  2. Choose the System Settings option.
  3. Move to Add-ons.
  4. Turn on the Unknown Sources Option.
  5. Click Yes on the popup message that appears.
  6. There are different add-ons available. Here, we will be choosing sports 365.
  7. In the Kodi home screen choose settings from the top left corner.
  8. Now select File Manager Option.
  9. Double Click The Add Source option in the left.
  10. In the following Dialog Box that appears double click where it says <None>.
  11. In the text box that appears, type the following link –
  12. Click Ok and name the file as Sports365.
  13. In the main menu choose Kodi add-ons and select the Open Box (package installer)
  14. Choose Install From Zip File.
  15. Locate Sports365 and Select ‘
  16. Now choose install from repository option.
  17. Click on Bugatsinho repository.
  18. Select Video-addons and choose Sports 365.
  19. Install it.
  20. Thus you can enjoy Women’s Fifa World Cup on Kodi using the Kodi add-on.


In this article, we have provided you with all the information regarding how to watch the Women’s FIFA World Cup on firestick & Kodi. You are also free to choose your own VPN which doesn’t have to be IPVanish. There are also other add ons for Kodi besides Sports365. If you have any queries related to the content of the article, then do write to us.

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