How To Connect Echo to Fire TV Stick in 5 Minutes

You might not know this, but you can control your Fire TV with your Amazon Echo. If you don’t know, an Echo is a device that allows you to use your voice to do everything from control a nursery camera to select TV shows to build a shopping list. It can even open Netflix.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to connect your Fire TV devices to your Echo and how you can use it to control your Fire TV in under five minutes.

The first thing you’ll need to connect your Fire TV to your Amazon Echo is the Alexa app. Install the app on your phone and then you’ll be able to give voice commands just as you would with the Alexa Voice remote or any other Alexa device. With the help of Alexa, you won’t need to worry about losing your remote or its batteries running out.

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An Alexa device can stop, pause, rewind, fast forward and play the next episode in a series. Alexa can also help you watch TV shows and movies through your Amazon Prime Video subscription or your Hulu subscription.

Before we get to the step-by-step instructions to get your Echo Show to work with your FireStick, you’ll need to ensure that both of these devices are connected to the internet. They also must both be registered to the same Amazon account. Additionally, it’s best if your FireStick is running the latest firmware.

If your FireStick firmware is out of date, it’s a pretty easy problem to fix. Just go to the FireStick homepage, click on the Settings icon, go to My Fire TV, click on About and see if any updates are available. You should also update your Amazon Echo device if it needs to be updated or if there’s a new feature.

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If you have just one FireStick in a given area, then you’ll have an easier time getting it to work. When there’s only one FireStick in the area, Echos will automatically detect it and will pair with it without the user having to do anything.

That doesn’t mean that Echo devices can’t handle multiple devices or that you can’t link multiple Alexa devices. In fact, several Alexas can be used, even if they’re in the same room. That being, Amazon says that you can only control one Alexa-enabled device at a time.


Again, all of these devices will need to be linked to the same Amazon account. A great thing about using this method is that you don’t have to switch inputs to control a different device with Alexa.

We can now start to get a paired Alexa device to allow you to use voice control with your FireStick. Let’s look at the steps needed to let your voice-control your TV screen so you can quickly watch your favorite TV show or movie.

How To Connect FireStick to Echo Device


The same steps that we outline here will work for any Amazon streaming device including the Amazon Fire TV Cube. Essentially the same Fire TV software is in all of these devices, so they all work similarly to each other with compatible devices.

Step 1: Launch the Amazon Alexa App

Step 2: Go to Settings

Step 3: Go to TV and Video

Step 4: Click on the Plus Sign (+) To Select Fire TV Hardware

Step 5: Click on Link Your Alexa Device

Step 6 (Optional): Link Multiple Alexa Devices

After completing these steps, all you need to do to link devices is follow the on-screen instructions that come up. Eventually, you’ll reach the last screen and you’ll have to finish the setup there. You should then be able to use your linked devices to start using Alexa to work through your watch list.

Now that you know how to connect your Amazon Fire TV to your Echo Dot, you may also want to know how you can use Alexa to manage any number of Fire TV Stick devices. Here’s how you can access your Fire TV Stick or Fire TV devices and manage them.

How To Manage Fire TV Stick Devices via Amazon Echo

Step 1: Launch the Alexa App

Step 2: Go to the Main Menu

Step 3: Click on Settings

Step 4: Click the Section That Says TV & Video

Step 5: Pick the Fire TV Stick Device That You Want To Manage and Have Already Put Through the Linking Process

Step 6: Click the Option That Says Manage Devices

How To Connect Amazon Echo Speaker to Fire TV

Step 1: Go to the Fire TV Home Screen

An image featuring how to connect Amazon Echo speaker to Fire TV step1

Step 2: Go to Controllers and Bluetooth Devices

An image featuring how to connect Amazon Echo speaker to Fire TV step2

You may have to scroll a bit to get to this setting.

Step 3: Click on Other Bluetooth Devices

An image featuring how to connect Amazon Echo speaker to Fire TV step3

Step 4: Choose the Profile That Belongs to You

An image featuring how to connect Amazon Echo speaker to Fire TV step4

Once you do that, you should be able to connect your Fire TV with your Echo speakers and use Alexa.

How To Turn on Your Fire TV Device With One Command

An image featuring an Amazon Fire TV stick remote

If you’d like, you can go hands-free with your Amazon Fire TV. Just go to Settings, then to Alexa and then click the option that says Turn On TV With Alexa.

Once you pair Fire TV with your Echo Dot, you should able to use many other commands with Alexa. For example, you can adjust the volume by saying “Alexa, set the volume to 90 on my FireStick.”

Similarly, you can also use Alexa to mute your FireStick or control playback options on the movie or TV show that you’re watching.

The full list of voice commands you can give to your Fire TV device is too long to list here. Rest assured, if you want to use Alexa to help you watch your favorite movie or TV show, you’ll be able to do so with a voice command.

Bonus: How To Connect to Hulu

Step 1: Launch the Amazon Alexa App

An image featuring a big TV in a living room with Hulu opened on it

Step 2: Click on Settings

Step 3: Click on TV and Video

Step 4: Hit Hulu

Step 5: Pick Link Your Alexa Device

Step 6: Log in to Your Hulu Account

Step 7: Finish the Setup


Connecting your Fire TV Stick and your Echo Show isn’t difficult. You just need to make sure that both of them are registered to the same account and that you’re only controlling one device at a time with Alexa. You should be able to see visual responses when you control your Fire TV Stick with Alexa which will make it easier when you’re looking for a specific movie title as you sort through your favorite movies or when you want to skip to the next episode with Alexa.

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