Best Apps to Watch Anime on Amazon Firestick

Anime is basically a type of film and TV animation which are produced in Japan. It covers different types of genres like romance, comedy, drama, fantasy, and sci-fi. This form of series or movies has their own craze which does not get fade with time. From the very beginning of its journey, anime has never lost his charm ever and it is still extremely popular among the people of all ages. I am a big Fan of anime and I grow up watching anime. In this article, I will be discussing the best Best Apps to Watch Anime on Firestick that are currently working fine and streams video content in HD quality.

There was a time when we loved our everyday evening cartoon time. Sundays were more than special because that was the only day when the entire day was dedicated to kids and their love for cartoons.  Later on, with the advent of Cartoon Network and Nick TV things became easier because these channels hosted cartoons the entire day.

While the west was busy lost in the world of Popeye, Scooby Doo and Mickey Mouse, things were different in Japan, China, Korea. Anime was yet to enter the global market, but it was the alternative to cartoons that were prevalent in the Asian Subcontinent and massively popular.

What Exactly is an Anime?

Ever heard of Marvel and DC? Of Course, you have! So where does it come from? From people who make those superhero comics which is then later made into animation and then into movies that we like. The journey of anime is the same. This is a very simple way to make an Indian understand what anime is.

Just as said, anime also starts with a comic known as “manga” a Japanese comic with a unique art style. It is basically black and white and an abbreviated form of a real human body. A manga goes through many procedures to be selected to be made into an animation. Remember this that just like Bollywood in India, manga and anime is also a culture of Japan. It is not to be insulted.

What makes an anime interesting is its color composition, minute details and much more. You can see how catchy it is to the eyes. If you pause or screenshot a shot and zoom in under high power lenses every tiny element from leaves to hair are so detailed. Anime, unlike the cartoon, is for all age groups. Intense and heart touching story plots. It can even teach us life lessons and moral values to kids.

How to Watch Anime on Firestick & Fire TV

Anime on Firestick

A huge number of people still fantasize with these mind-blowing anime series and definitely does not matter to them whether the series is old or brand new. Basically, they literally love to watch these in a repeating mode and for this people rely on the streaming media. In the era of internet, there are so many streaming media have launched their platform to entertain people at its best. To watch those anime series people take the help of the app of those media.

People consider YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and some more as the best platform for it. In these apps, you will get a wide range of entertainment library packages. Each app is loaded with various types of old and new anime movies, series, and so on. But the good news does not end here only. To give you more happiness we will let you know that you can grab all of them on your TV or mobile easily through the internet connection.

Would you love to watch anime on your television? Amazon FireStick is then just for you. This TV streaming device lets you stream all the online videos directly on your TV from these fantastic apps via Wi-Fi. Firestick covers a wide variety of apps and contents which are the best in terms of quality as well as quantity.

If you already have an Amazon Firestick, next you have to roam around in the app stores to find the best apps where you can watch your favorite anime. Do not get worried, we are here to clear all your confusion regarding the compatible anime streaming apps. We have listed down all of them for your convenience.

Top 8 Best Apps to Watch Anime on Amazon Firestick (Official)

Let’s choose your favorite firestick Anime Apps and help you continue your watch without any interruption and with a full bowl of popcorn!

⚠️Attention: Before using FireStick, make sure you use a VPN. If you value your privacy, and you want to stream in a fast and secure way, use a VPN. I use NordVPN which is the fastest and most secure VPN, not to mention one of the cheapest. No matter what device you choose to stream from, NordVPN always secures you. The customer support is solid along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Get 70% Off NordVPN.

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watch Anime on Firestick via netflix

Netflix is considered as one of the best and world-leading media streaming channels. It is basically a subscription-based application which lets you watch thousands of anime, web series, movies, and so many on your phone or TV. Netflix is growing up day by day with a huge amount of anime movies, series, stories, and so on.

Netflix offers a free trial session for 30 days when you sign up for the first time. It also lets you stream unlimited videos and shows, once you are signed up on it. But always keep in your mind that after your free session, you will need to subscribe your package for the uninterrupted continuation in your watch. The cost of the most popular plan of Netflix is $12.99 per month for two HD streaming as well as $15.99 for four streams. Along with this premium plan, it charges $8.99 for non-HD streams.

Netflix is available on Amazon Firestick and Fire TV around all regions where this service is available. You can watch all Netflix programs on your TV by installing it on your Amazon Fire Stick. This platform is becoming much more popular day by day for the varieties and qualities of its programs.

How to Install Netflix on Firestick


Episodes of any popular series or any shows are available on Hulu for 30 days from the air date of that particular episode. If you have missed any shows or episodes of anime, easily you can catch up with those on this video streaming application. Hulu supports a wide range of device and runs with a live TV smoothly but it takes extra charges for it. You will also get the facility of watching your favorite show without a single ad if you are ready to pay a little amount. Hulu offers multiple subscription plans and the cost is around from $6 to $51 only. If you are already an owner of an Amazon Fire Stick TV, you will just need to pay $50 for a month and $50.99 for no-ads version. You can customize your subscription package by adding some of your favorite channels like HBO (+$14.99), CINEMAX (+$9.99), SHOWTIME (+$10.99) and STARZ (+$8.99).

Netflix and Hulu have a wide collection of anime which actually can satisfy the demands of anime fans. There are also several good anime watching apps are available in the app store which is cheaper than Netflix and Hulu. Most of them also offer a free version.

With Amazon Application Store, you can download these apps easily for your Fire Stick TV. These apps offer a wide variety of anime programs which you will not want to miss. You can watch your favorite anime show in these apps for free and that is completely legal.


watch Anime on Firestick via crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the best apps to watch the latest anime of drama, comedy, and action genres on firestick. Many programs of this site are based on the Japanese comics called manga title. You will find English dubbing versions of much Japanese anime in this anime streaming network.

Crunchyroll actually allows you to stream videos on most of the devices at free of cost. With a non-paid version, you just have to stream a video on max 480p quality with several advertisements. But the minus point is that you will find pretty limited shows this free version of Crunchyroll. You have to pay $6.95 per month for adds free premium versions which will help you to watch your shows in the HD quality.


VRV owned a partnership with Crunchyroll. So, most of the anime and other shows of this app are owned by Crunchyroll. VRV includes Crunchyroll, Cartoon Hangover, and MONDO type anime streaming platforms together. So, it acts as the cable conglomerate more than other independent video streaming apps and networks.

If you already have a subscription on the Crunchyroll, you can consider its premium version here also. On the other hand, if you desperately want to watch some new and original content of VRV, you must subscribe it for the Amazon firestick.

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best apps to watch anime on amazon firestick

Funimation is also a great source to watch anime on firestick. Until November 2018, FUNIMATION was a part of VRV and used to stream only their anime or shows. Now, it is completely separated from VRV and Crunchyroll and it offers its own independent streaming option, FunimationNow. This independent service of Funimation network is currently available in the U.K, U.S, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.

With FunimationNow, you can access the entire collection of Funimation contents. Popular anime of this network are Cowboy Bebop, One Piece, My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Z, and so on. Here you will also get much exciting anime in English dubbed version. You will have to pay $5.99 to subscribe to the FunimationNow for a month.


Crackle is also a free streaming network where you will get lots of popular anime movies, TV shows, and many contents of Sony. It basically provides all the commercial contents of Sony Picture. If you have immense love for anime, you will fall in love with its library of anime shows and movies.

You can watch the shows of crackle at free of cost and your free streaming will be completely legal. It functions as a commercial TV channel. So, all the contents of this network display advertisement during streaming.

The apps like Crunchyroll, Funimation, VRV, Crackle, Hulu also provide English dubbed anime for those people who love anime but do not understand the Japanese language.


anime firestick 2019

Along with the TV series and movies, Viewster has a wide variety in their anime collection. Here you will find plenty of megahit old anime shows and movies, including documentary films which will make you stream them on Viewster for hours.

Viewster is also free to watch the streaming channel with advertisements. This free version covers their all shows, anime or non-anime contents both. But now it combines free and paid contents together. But it does not require any registration or external software. You just have to install Viewster on your device where you want to stream your shows.

Unofficial Apps to Watch Anime on Amazon Firestick

You can also install these popular anime streaming apps on your Amazon Firestick. For this, you have to dive directly on the other app store instead of the Amazon app store.

Fire Anime

Fire anime is one of the most popular online anime streaming applications. This app keeps itself updated on a regular basis. So, it tends to be a perfect one for streaming the newest and latest shows and series of the anime industry. With Fire Anime, you can stream online anime at 1080p definition without any buffering which all need the most.

Specifically, it is designed to work on Android TV and the Fire OS. But now Fire Anime supports many video players like VLS, MX Player for streaming the online video at its best of quality.

Final Words

The best app or website for watching anime on firestick is Crunchyroll not just because they have anime series within one day of their release in Japan but because of the pay animators based on the number of people who watch their respective anime. At Crunchyroll, you not just watch anime in high quality but also support the creators whose art you love.

Another feature of Crunchyroll is that you can set it to auto change quality depending on your service/internet connection. Also, you can fast forward through the OP/Ending or any part of the anime in 10-second intervals. Convenient!

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