20 Best Games For Amazon Fire TV Stick

Playing games on a big screen where every character detail is specified clearly can make the overall experience even more fun and exciting. To play one’s favorite game on the very screen of the television set, one can now get an Amazon Fire TV stick.  The Amazon Fire TV sticks are usually regarded as a device that can be plugged into the compatible TV set using the USB port and runs on the WIFI and Bluetooth remote control. Other than simply watching one’s favorite shows, movies, videos, etc., one can also play games. All one needs to do is plug in the Fire TV stick, connect it to the internet, download games from the Amazon store and play them on the TV screen using the remote or one can also connect gaming consoles for playing. There are usually many options to choose from as one can find many famous games in the store, both in the paid and free categories.

One can enjoy playing these games, watching them on the TV screen without paying much and with ease as one will also not need to get a gaming console separately to play these games. Some of the most famous games that one can play are:

1.Kids for YouTube


Want to find the right type of entertainment source which also comes with education for the kids! Then Kids YouTube is the best choice to go for. One can use YouTube using the fore stick on one’s TV, making it easy for kids to watch the videos without using phones and tablets which can be harmful to them in the long term. There one can find many types of videos created for making toddlers and small kids learn different things like alphabets, numbers, colors, animals, fruits, flowers, etc. as this will make the learning more fun and engrossing for the kids.

2.Crossy roads

Crossy Road

Crossy roads are a continuous never-ending game in which one can keep playing till one gets tired or gets snatched by a bald eagle. This game falls in the category of arcade gaming, where one will be playing as a character of chicken. The chicken will have to cross the roads in time without getting killed by different obstructions like trains, speeding cars, rivers and many other things. One will get points for each movement as one can move sideways and forward. Also, one cannot stop at a single place for too long because then a bald eagle will snatch one from the road and the game will get over. Also, if one gets hit by any train or car then also the game will get over.

3.Hungry shark evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution

Want to go on an underwater adventure, but only as a shark, then Hungry shark evolution is the game to play. One can be various types of sharks, eating almost everything that comes their way while swimming underwater and enjoying the beautiful marine life. One will have to keep eating and be safe from the obstacles, along with completing missions and increasing one’s power by recruiting baby sharks. This way one can unlock many powers, can evolve into a bigger and meaner shark, unlock varieties of sharks, unearth many mysterious fish and organisms underwater. By simply moving forward, backward and sideways control, one can move their shark and make sure that the new objects and bonuses are found.

4.Red ball 4

Red Ball 4

When bad and evil minions attack the earth and make plans to turn earth into a square planet, the Red ball has to take it into his hands to stop them and keep the earth from becoming square. In this game of Red ball 4, the Red ball will have to face many obstructions, traps, troubles, etc. to defeat the minions by jumping, bouncing, rolling, etc. There are in total 75 levels, which one will have to complete to get to the end of the game, along with many boss battles. The entire game is designed keeping in mind the physics of the ball jumping, pairing it with an even better soundtrack making the entire game more fun and jumpy.

5.Asphalt8: airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt is without any doubt one of the best racing arcade games, which players across the globe love to play. With Asphalt8 one will get a chance to race some of the best racing beasts of cars in the most beautiful and exotic tracks and locations. In this installment of the game, the racers can do some of the impossible stunts which will break the rules of Physics as one can even drive their cars in the air. There are around 220 motorcycles and cars to choose from and around 2300 types of decals that one does to upgrade their rides. There are also many seasons and events to choose from, which will only add up to the difficulty of the game which will be paired with real motor sounds and stunning visuals of the locations like Tokyo, Nevada, Venice, etc.

6.Hill climbing racing

Hill Climb Racing

Play a game of racing and stunts not on the plain tracks, but the uphill roads with Hill climbing racing. The player will have to play as Ill Newton, who is an uphill racer and has a panache for racing almost everywhere and desires to be one of the best uphill racers. One will have 28 plus levels to play, which will also have upgraded and progressive difficulty levels. As the game will progress one can collect coins and bonuses to unlock new cars and new upgrades to make one’s car even better and high performing vehicle. There are trucks, race cars, bikes, fire trucks, ambulance, hippie van, etc. to choose from. One can also build their uphill race vehicle using the parts in the garage mode.

7.LEGO® DC  mighty micros

LEGO® DC Mighty Micros

Want to spend time playing a simple racing game that does not have many complications, then LEGO® DC mighty micros is the one. This game is designed like any other LEGO movies and games where the player will have to don the role of any superhero from the lego world. One can be cat woman, batman, bane, robin, etc. and they will have their own story and objective in the game. One will have to race to either stop a situation, save people, catch someone, etc. by driving the signature vehicle of the superhero. One can control the movements and speed of the car and also can do various types of stunts and acrobatics while racing. Also one will have to collect legos while racing like any other lego game.

8.Disney Crossy road

Disney Crossy Road

Like the normal crossy road game, this game is the Disney version of the same with twists of the Disney stories and characters. In this never-ending fun game, one will have to earn points of steps while crossing difficult roads and ways to up one’s level and collect Disney figurines. There are almost more than 100 Disney characters to collect, each with their own set of personalities and stories. Also one can play in different Disney thematic worlds based on some of the most famous productions like Wreck it,  Ralph, Zootopia, Lion King, Tangled, etc. with obstructions based on the same story.

9.Hovercraft: takedown- custom combat cars

Hovercraft: Takedown - Custom Combat Cars

Now one can do some real damage using the lethal and dangerous weapons used in the game of Hovercraft: takedown. As the enemies and the thugs will barricade the hovercraft highways, one will have to build and customize a hovercraft that can decimate those thugs. One can add new combinations of weapons and arms like bombs, missiles, guns, lasers, etc. One will have to get their arms upgraded in time and weaponize them one by one or simultaneously to destroy their vehicles and ploys. There are sniper guns, cannons, triple fire rockets, etc. to choose from as one can make their hovercraft combat-ready. Also, there will be loot so that one can collect rare items, gears, consumables, etc. 

10.My singing monsters

My Singing Monsters

Like monsters and songs! Then my singing monsters will bring the right kind of combination to one’s gaming time. In this game, there are around more than 100 types of monsters you can choose. These monsters are not dangerous, instead, they are happy monsters who are small pets and the best thing is that they can sing. One will have to collect these monsters, feed them and then raise them to sing and create songs and music. One will also get chances to buy and build new items and decorations which can be used to make one’s world look much better and beautiful. Throughout the game, collect monsters, breed them and feed them to build a musical world.

11.Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Stop Dr. Eggman from completing his lethal weapon of death egg using the chaos emeralds which are 10 in number. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is one of the best games in the Sonic series by SEGA as one can now dash to fail the Eggman’s plans along with knuckles and tails. One will have to fight the evil mecha sonic also, using various tricks and attacks which will get unlocked on different levels. There are around 12 badnik zones ranging from underwater to mountainous regions. Before Eggman finds them, Sonic and his team need to find the emeralds which can be used to turn Sonic and knuckles into super knuckles and supersonic. There will also be many gaming modes like boss attack mode, time attack mode, hidden palace zone, etc. which will make the game even more interesting and surprising.



Terraria is one of the most famous names when it comes to exploratory and building adventure game. One can build their city from scratch, create one’s world, add new substances to the environment, fight with foes, prove one’s combat skill in battles, find glory and fortune, etc. in this game. There are almost 15 events and boss modes where one can test their skills and talents by fighting to defeat and plundering the 300 or more enemies in the battles and wars. There are also biomes and mini biomes, ranging from forests, desserts to the underworld to find and explore in the game, thus increasing the scope of the adventure. 

13.The Jackbox party pack 3

The Jackbox Party Pack 3

Now make any party fun and memorable with the Jackbox party pack 3 which will not only entertain the guests but will make the party a laugh riot. In this Jackbox, one will have 5 party games specially designed to make the parties fun and interesting. The very first game is quiplash 2 as one can create one’s quizzes now. The second game is of guesspionage as the players will have to start guessing for survey questions. The third game is of the trivia murder party in which the players will have to answer the killer trivia. The fourth game in the collection is a t-shirt slugfest in which one will have to battle the t-shirts with each other. Lastly, the fifth game is of fakin’ it in which one has to find what the others have to hide.



Want a party starter or a game which will keep the family and friends entertained for an entire night, then Quiplash it is. This game is fun and filled with quips that one will have to answer to the questions that are posted. Starting from 3 to 8 players, everyone will get a silly question for which each one of them has to come up with a witty answer. Then the audience can vote for the most witty answer among them all. Therefore the game will bring in a lot more fun while answering those questions and will also bring fun to others by listening to those silly answers. 

15.The Escapists: prison escape

The Escapists: Prison Escape

Jail life can be hard and stressful and that is exactly what one has to do in the game of The Escapists: prison escape. In this game, one will have to get used to the routine jail life in almost 6 of the biggest penitentiaries, by slowly making the plans and strategies to flee because this time there is no free card. One can increase the strength using the jail exercise yard, collect small things like nail files and duct tape which can be used in combination as a part of an escape plan. One will also have to go undetected from the contraband detectors and also have to make allies inside the jail to come to success for one’s plan to flee the jail compound.

16.Riptide GP2

Riptide GP2

With the help of the watercraft which one can upgrade using various tools, one will have to race the waves. The tracks here are more dynamic and has many challenges sprinkled on it, as the game has some of the best graphics and interface which make the playing easier yet exciting at the same time. There is also a career mode in which one will get to race through various tracks and challenges like a hot lap, freestyle events, elimination rounds, etc. One can upgrade and collect hydro jets with each passing stage using various stunts.

17.Grand theft auto: vice city

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

A game that every video game player remembers and knows by heart as it is one of the games that started the riveting graphics of the video games. Set in the ’80s, in the vice city where one can find everything, starting from good to bad and nice to ugly. One will start playing as they visit the city and slowly will have to rise up the ladder of power and become the most powerful criminal in the city managing every crook in the town. One will find many challenges to be completed, greater graphics quality, upgraded weapons, firing options, etc. giving the same feel as the original one. 

18.Star wars: the knights of the old republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

The star wars: The knights of the old republic is a role-playing game which is of the Star Wars series. In this game, the ultimate rival to the republic is the Darth Malak, who is the Sith’s, a dark lord. He will vengefully start a war with a republic that will take place 4000 years ago before the galactic empire was set up. The player will be Jedi who will have to go to different planets and galactic bodies and find the answer to defeat the Darth Malak. In this game, the battles are fought in a predecided timing where both sides will get round-based chances with only a set number of attacks given to each side.   

19.Minecraft for fire TV

Minecraft for Fire TV

The Minecraft for fire TV is a famous building game in which one can mine various worlds to build homes and castles. These buildings will be built using the blocks that one will have to mine and cash while playing. There are several modes to play – a creative mode where one can mine deeper and deeper to find new and never-ending resources, a survival mode where one can build weapons to send off the mobs and also survive the darkest of the worlds. There are a lot many features to enjoy like the various add ons which can customize the game, a marketplace where one can get maps, creations, skins, etc. 

20.Drawful 2

Drawful 2

Want a fun party game which can keep the guests engrossed and excited till the very end, then Drawful 2 is the one to choose. In this game, the players will have to draw weird pictures according to the prompt and the others playing the game and the audience will have to guess the name of the picture. This will bring a lot of laughter as the drawings will be crazy and the answer will be a lot crazier. One can also prompt their ideas in the game and can censor the players using a varied number of tools.

Now with just an Amazon Fire TV stick one can get a complete package of entertainment. There are many games which are suitable for different age groups and some of them are listed as one of the famous games that people love to play on their mobile phones or their computers. One can find games of different categories like action, arcade, puzzles, racing, adventure, etc. to suit one’s choice of gaming. So whether one wants to play a game of Minecraft or wants to spend time racing cars in asphalt from the very couch, then the games of the Amazon Firestick should be the thing to choose.

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