10 Best TV Series on Netflix to Watch Now

Basically, student life is a continuous study and stress. That is why you need to be able to take the “time out” on time and get distracted, spend time with friends, go to the cinema or watch TV series. The writing service WriteMyEssayOnline can also greatly facilitate the learning process and allow you to spend valuable time with pleasure. And in the event that you already have it and you don’t know what to do, then in this article you will find a list of interesting series for every taste.



1. Our Planet

This documentary series for Netflix was created by the Air Force filming crew, which previously presented the television series Planet Earth and Planet Earth II. The voice-over test was read by Sir David Attenborough. The shooting lasted about four years in 50 countries of the world, in a variety of locations – from icy deserts to the impassable jungle, from the deepest depressions to the outskirts of Chernobyl. About ecosystems, extinction of animals and other deplorable results of human activity. And also about the beauty of our planet, which is worth preserving.


2. Girlboss

The series is based on the autobiographical book #Girlboss (“The Head”), written by Sofia Amoruso, a young American who built her business with the help of a non-standard approach to entrepreneurial activity. Many consider the life of Sofia – the history of modern Cinderella: she has gone from working in cheap eateries to her own multimillion-dollar company. Being arrogant and persistent, Sofia found the right approach to future clients’ wallets: in her opinion, even the cheapest thing, if properly presented, can be sold at exorbitant prices. As of the end of 2016, the state of Sofia Amoruso is estimated at $ 300 million.

3.The End Of The F *** ing World

“Black-humor” British film adaptation of the eponymous realistic novel by Charles S. Forsman. Relations between two youngsters with evident mental issues, where each seeks after its own objectives. They don’t care for the conventional world – they assemble their own history, disregarding all conceivable good standards and rules by which grown-ups live. The frame of mind to the main characters can fluctuate enthusiasm to deep hostility, but, in particular – it is catching.


Comedy with a touch of black humor. Dr. James Mantleray’s laboratory is looking for volunteers to test Biotech, which supposedly can treat any physical or mental disabilities. Owen wants to take this chance with a diagnosis of schizophrenia and Annie, who does not see any point in her life. That’s just bad luck – no one told about the side effects of miracle drug.

5.Sex Education

The main character of this drama is an extremely shy teenager named Otis: he lives with his mother, who works as a sex therapist. Teaming up with classmate Maeve, Otis, still not having sex with anyone, opens a secret club, the entrance to which is allowed to the same shy peers as he is. Thus, the young man wants to help them sort out the awkward situations that they sometimes encounter.


6.The Rain

Drama and post-apocalypse. The main characters for several years are cut off from the world in which it is deadly rain. Later they will meet with other survivors and find the missing loved ones. But the main thing is to understand how to live in a new, empty world after precipitation. Along the way, the creators reveal to us the background of all the characters and show what could bring them closer.


In the center of the plot is a small peaceful town with its inhabitants. At one point, the teenagers living in Riverdale decide to look at its inside and realize that the city actually has many dark secrets. You can take a chance and compare “Riverdale” with “Twin Peaks”, only without mysticism and with its unique atmosphere. By the way, that same Shelley from the Lynch soap opera also plays here.


8.House of Cards

Ambitious Congressman Frank Underwood is struggling to take a chair in the Oval Office. He is making a deal with presidential candidate Garrett Walker, who promises to make him Secretary of State after the election. Later, Frank is informed of Walker’s changed decision: Underwood, not accustomed to such an attitude, decides to seize the opportunity and show the offender who is in charge.


9.Stranger Things

Events take place in the small town of Hawkins. Local children and adults come together and look for answers to questions about what really happens and what monsters come from the inside of this world. And what is the Inside Out, which can destroy not only the city but the whole world. The third season has recently been released, and the creators plan to release the final fourth.


10.The Umbrella Academy

A superhero series based on a series of comics created by artist Gabriel Ba and screenwriter Gerard Way. An alien living on Earth undercover, adopted six gifted babies, for the education of which he opened a special superhero Academy “Umbrella”. Together, they used their talents to protect the planet from various threats. And so, when the academy collapsed, and its founder died, the grown-up children will again have to unite in order to speak out against one of the former students of Umbrella.

Sum up

Netflix produces more and more original series every year for a diverse audience. TV shows are always a way to escape from problems in everyday life and just relax a bit. In our article, we have collected the most vivid series that you can watch on this streaming service and, hopefully, be satisfied.

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