How To Unfreeze FireStick [Six Different Ways]

Is your Amazon FireStick frozen? What could have caused this problem and what’s the best solution to fix it? In this guide, we’ll take a look at all the ways you can unfreeze your FireStick.

There’s no doubt that the Amazon FireStick is the best streaming device on the market today. With the help of a single micro USB slot and an HDMI port, the FireStick allows you to stream 4K content on any compatible TV or monitor.

The only problem is that sometimes it freezes.

Of course, the exact manner in which your Amazon Fire Stick freezes will depend on your unique circumstances such as the model of your Amazon Fire Stick, how hot it gets while you’re using it, and whether or not you’re using any extensions or non-OEM cables.

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In any case, here are the six best ways to unfreeze your frozen Amazon FireStick.

Unplug It and Plug It Back In

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Sometimes the oldest trick in the book is the best which is the case with the Amazon Fire Stick. Frozen devices can be restarted by disconnecting the power source and then connecting it again. This method will work for an Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV.

Despite how good the Amazon Fire TV and FireStick are, it doesn’t do a great job of showing the user background apps or where the processing power is going. Even if it did, there’s no method for the user to fix the problems. There’s no kill button like the one you’ll find on Android, Windows and Linux devices.


When you haven’t restarted your Amazon Fire TV in a long time, all the apps running in the background can take a huge toll on the device’s processing power causing the Fire TV stick to freeze. That can also lead to a black TV screen on your FireStick. Needless to say, when your Fire TV Stick freezes, it completely stops working.

To fix this problem, just unplug your FireStick. You can also unplug your TV or monitor at the same time. Then, after about a minute, plug all the devices back in.

Sometimes you may not want to pull the plug on your monitor and Amazon Fire Stick because of the way you’ve set up your other electronics. Maybe you have them connected to a single power supply and if you unplug one device you may unplug everything. In those cases, you can restart the Fire TV with the FireStick remote.

The Amazon Fire TV stick remote control isn’t just for changing channels or increasing volume. It allows you to accomplish a ton of other stuff on the Fire TV device. Follow these steps to restart your Fire TV stick using your FireStick remote:

  1. Hold the FireStick remote control the right way up and then press and hold the Select and Play/Pause buttons.
  2. Make sure you hold the buttons for about 10 seconds. Your FireStick should then turn off and restart.

This generally gets rid of the frozen Fire Stick problem. If the FireStick remote method doesn’t work for you then move on to the next step.

Reset Your FireStick

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Sometimes it’s not enough to use the remote to restart your Amazon Fire Stick. Frozen devices can be tricky, but luckily you still have a few options. Resetting your Fire Stick is most useful for people whose device keeps freezing and also randomly restarting itself.

You don’t have to go through a lengthy process to reset your Amazon Fire Stick. The process shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.


Before you get started we should let you know that once you reset your Amazon Fire TV device, you’ll lose all of your data.

That includes all of your personalized settings, any apps that you’ve installed and any file that you’ve downloaded to your Fire Stick storage. Everything will be deleted and you’ll be left with an OS that’s as good as new.

Since resetting a FireStick device is a big decision, you should first make sure that your FireStick device isn’t freezing because your internet connection isn’t good or your Fire Stick is too far away from the WiFi hotspot. Of course, after you’ve reset your FireStick device, you’ll be able to install everything you’d previously installed.

Most of the time, that’s not a big deal. However, it’s a big deal for those FireStick users who’ve installed lots of apps that aren’t available on the Amazon App Store. We’re talking about apps like Kodi and others. There are plenty of good streaming apps that you can’t find on the App Store.

If you got one of those from a third-party app platform then you’ll have to find and install it again through the Downloader app.

Another reason to think twice about resetting is VPN apps. If you’ve installed a VPN app on your FireStick device and it’s working correctly then consider it a blessing since VPN apps are notoriously difficult to set up on a Fire Stick. You may have difficultly getting it to work properly after resetting the device.

You can follow these steps to reset your Amazon Fire Stick:

  1. Go to the FireStick home screen.An image featuring how to reset FireStick and fix FireStick frozen problem step1
  2. Go to Settings.An image featuring how to reset FireStick and fix FireStick frozen problem step2
  3. Click Device/ My Fire TV.An image featuring how to reset FireStick and fix FireStick frozen problem step3
  4. Click Reset to Factory Defaults. You can also click Restart if you first want to check whether a restart is enough rather than a full-on reset.An image featuring how to reset FireStick and fix FireStick frozen problem step4a An image featuring how to reset FireStick and fix FireStick frozen problem step4b

If resetting your FireStick back to factory settings doesn’t work for you then you need to move onto other solutions to fix the issue.

Use Original FireStick Accessories

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The longer you own a FireStick device, the greater the chance that you’ll lose its accessories like the power adapter, HDMI extension cord and micro USB power cord. If you’ve lost one of these accessories for your Fire Stick, frozen devices have likely become a common issue for you.

Plenty of FireStick users look towards third-party accessories when they lose the originals. This allows them to keep streaming from their Amazon FireStick devices long after their original accessories have worn out or gotten lost.

Pro Tip:

Third-party accessories have their place but sometimes they can cause FireStick freezing issues. That’s especially true if you got them on the cheap.

This tip will be most helpful for those FireStick users who have the original accessories available but are still using third-party cables, power adapters, etc. All you have to do is switch the accessories to the original ones and check if the FireStick freezing problems have gone away.

Check For Old FireStick Cables

Whether or not you’re using original accessories or third-party accessories is irrelevant if they’re old. Old cables almost always go bad at some point. Additionally, micro USB cables typically aren’t durable. You can’t expect them to function at an acceptable level for years and years.

This is important:

As a general rule, once your micro USB starts to misbehave, you need to change it. There’s no way around it.

Check For a Slow Internet Connection

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Modern online streamers want to stream content at 1080p. For that, you need a 10 Mbps internet connection or faster. For 4K content, you’re going to have to bump that up to 20 Mbps.

If you don’t have these speeds, then you may not only experience buffering but also FireStick freezing. FireStick freezing doesn’t just have to do with the software or the hardware on the system. It can also depend heavily on the speed of your internet connection.

Check For Throttling

This isn’t a problem that just plagues the Amazon Fire Stick. Frozen devices of all types can be caused by internet throttling.

Internet service providers are notorious for throttling your internet connection when they detect a user is streaming too much. Essentially they reduce your internet speeds to lessen the load on their equipment. Check if your FireStick freezes only when streaming long or high-quality content.


Amazon Fire TV stick freezing problems can be a result of your FireStick misbehaving or the software not being updated. Old wires, sloppy HDMI ports and internet throttling can also cause your FireStick to freeze. If you follow the steps we’ve outlined above, you should be able to get rid of your Fire Stick frozen problem.

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