How To Fix KODI YouTube Daily Limit / Quota Exceeded?

Is it accurate to say that you are getting that irritating KODI YouTube daily limit exceeded error? You may think about whether YouTube really has a point of confinement or potentially I haven’t utilized it that much, why am I getting this cracking blunder?

Obviously, with the every one of the recordings being transferred and observed each day, there really is a cap put by Google (which possesses YouTube) for KODI clients. It depends on the API utilization and most KODI clients will have similar API in their settings in light of the fact that everybody might be utilizing the developer’s API.

Along these lines, you will have to make and enter your very own API keys to really settle the API top issue. A comparable thought resembles getting off a family design of 4 individuals with 15-20 gig web information, down to a solitary arrangement with a similar measure of information, better right? It is many strides to take after; however, it will permanently settle that irritating issue!


Procedure To Fix YouTube’s Quota Exceeded

1. Set up a  project in Google Cloud Console

  • Open Google Cloud Platform
  • Tap on ‘Project’, which is located on the top bar
  • Choose ‘Create Project’
  • Give the title to your ‘New Project’ and tap on Create.

2. Enable YouTube Data API

  • We must now enable YouTube Data API
  • Tap the menu button (3 horizontal bar, left upper corner)
  • Choose API Manager and then click on Library.
  • Choose YouTube Data API
  • Select Enable

3. Creating API Key, Credential Stuff

  • You will locate Credentials, on the left side of the menu
  • Choose ‘Create Credentials’ and further choose ‘API Key’ on the right page
  • A window will pop up with a 39 character string of numbers and letters, copy and paste it somewhere, label it API key for later
  • Choose to Create credentials again and further click on OAuth Client ID
  • Tap Configure consent screen on the right
  • Under “Product name is shown to users” type KODI, Select Save
  • Choose Other under “Application type”
  • Choose “Create” and you will be given two new keys: a “client ID”, a 45-character series of numbers and letters took after by “”. Duplicate this to your reference document, removing “” and marking the key “Client ID” for reference. You will likewise get a “Client Secret”, which is a 24-character series of letters and numbers. Duplicate this to your document, naming it “Client Secret” for reference.

4. Paste key information into YouTube

  • Now you are required to launch YouTube in KODI.
  • Sign In (You may need to active YouTube)
  • Enter the code by opening ‘’
  • Afterwards, select settings and tap on API. Choose Select Enable Personal API Keys
  • Enter all the keys made earlier
  • WABAM, finito

We have successfully followed all the steps. We hope that it should rectify your KODI YouTube quota exceeded error.

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