KODI Easy Advanced Setting Explained

We all are aware of the fact that is KODI is loved by the users because of its ability to allow users to install additional add-ons. Today, the add-on, which we will be discussing, is ‘Easy Advanced Settings’. You might wonder, about the specialty of this add-on and we will give you enough reasons to install this one. If you are an Android user, then you might be aware how rooting your Android device complete change your experience. There is a similar case with this add-on. The main reason to prefer this addon is that of its ability to fix buffering issues on KODI. Before proceeding further, we will like to brief you with some of the features of this add-on.


Features Of Easy Advanced Setting Add-On

  • Audio/ Video playback settings: With this alternative, you can roll out some extraordinary improvements to your sound and video players. Say for instance you can alter the subtitle delay, sound postponement, quick forward speed and substantially more.
  • Troubleshoot settings: With this alternative, the addon itself will have the knowledge to settle some minor issues by investigating itself.
  • Photos settings: Here you can make a few settings like a slide appear, photograph pivots, alter and other fundamental things.
  • Remote control settings: With this choice, we can alter the remote delay or repeat timings.

There are lot more options in easy advanced settings add-ons which you can explore. Related Articles  How To Install MachTv On Roku?

Method To Install KODI Easy Advanced Setting

  1. Open the settings in your KODI and choose File Manager to add source.
  2. To add the file path of the add-on, click on add-source.
  3. Click on the ‘None’ option. Now enter the URL as ‘http://repo.hackmykodi.com/’ in the pop-up window.
  4. Enter the desired name and click OK.
  5. Proceed to the homepage and choose add-ons. We are required to install the zip file.
  6. Tap on the folder, which you have assigned in Step 4.
  7. Choose Programs-add-ons from the list of folders.
  8. Tap on the system settings and click on ‘plugin.program.advancedsettings-0.8.8.zip’.
  9. Wait for the installation to complete. Once done, you will be notified at the top.

Method To Fix Buffering With Easy Advanced Setting

  1. On the KODI homepage, click on add-ons and further Program add-ons. Choose Easy Advance Setting add-on.
  2. In order to fix KODI buffering issues, choose ‘Edit Settings’.
  3. Choose ‘Network Settings’ in the next window and further choose ‘Network’.
  4. This step will require you to optimize the KODI cache. Default settings of KODI do not allocate any memory for the cache and we will change that.
  5. Since you must have noticed seven options, disabled we need to make changes in three of them. We are going to allocated 50GB for the cache memory.
  6. First, click on cachemembuffersize and enter the value as 419430400 and hit done. We got 419430400 by converting 50GB into bits.
  7. Now click on buffermode and set the value to 1.
  8. Finally, set readbufferfactor to 20.

We have followed the above procedure in order to allocate more space for the cache memory in order to give you a smooth experience while streaming your favorite movie or TV shows. While streaming, lots of data is consumed and it gets stored in your device as a cache. Eventually, it gets to pile on and makes it difficult for the system to process. In addition, there are add-ons, which run in the background and affect the system performance. This also leads to buffering in KODI. By allocating more memory to cache size, your buffering issue must be solved. If you are still facing buffering issues, then there might be a problem with your ISP.


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