How to Install Exousia APK on Firestick [Express Version]

What is Exousia APK?

Exousia is an app that allows users to watch online videos for free. Not only that, but there’s also no limit on the number of videos you can watch.

In terms of content, the Exousia app offers movies, TV shows, user-generated videos, news, sports channels and lots more. Live TV is also available through the app. It works on most devices including Fire TV and FireStick devices as well as Android TV.

The app provides a lot of entertainment for users by aggregating content from various places on the internet. It also performs regular searches to maintain live, up-to-date links. After finding relevant media links, it presents them in an easy-to-use interface that looks great on all devices including Fire TV and Android TV.

However, for the best performance, we recommend you install MX Player on your device and using it to stream your favorite movies and TV shows.

Exousia featured image

Exousia doesn’t require the user to register for an account and offers all of its features to everyone which include subtitles and captions. The app provides a menu from which you can search for the content you like or see the most popular content.

Live TV is easy to find through this menu. Most of the content that Exousia offers is in HD but there are some lower quality links as well.

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How to Install Exousia APK on FireStick

Unfortunately, you can’t get Exousia from the Amazon App Store or the Google Play Store like you would on an Android TV device. What you’ll have to do is sideload it on your Amazon FireStick.

Sideloading is an easy process that allows you to install apps that aren’t available in your device’s app store.

Now let’s learn how to install Exousia APK on FireStick to watch movies, TV shows, live TV channels and everything else on your Fire TV or FireStick. You’ll need to allow apps from unknown sources before you can install Exousia. While this sounds dangerous, it’s actually safe as long as you only install apps on your FireStick from trusted sources.

Step 1: Enable Apps From Unknown Sources

To complete this step you need to first launch your FireStick and be on the home screen. From there, click on the Settings option which appears in the topmost menu of your FireStick home screen.

Then click on My Fire TV from the Settings menu. Click on Developer Options and then look for an option labeled Apps From Unknown Sources. Enable it and then you’re done with this step.

Step 2: Install the Downloader App

To complete this step, head back to your home screen and look at the menu bar at the top. On the leftmost side, you’ll find a magnifying glass icon. Click it to start searching for apps.

Input the text “Downloader app” and allow your device to search for it. When the search suggestions come up, click on the Downloader app option and your device should install it automatically.

Once you’ve downloaded the Downloader application, run it and engage with the popup message that you get. Get rid of the message and click on the URL that appears in the Downloader app’s main menu. This is where we’ll need to install Exousia APK.

Use the following URL: You also use this abbreviated URL:


One of these URLs should work but if they don’t you can also use the search functionality within the Downloader application to get Exousia.

After inputting the URL click OK. Once finished, the Downloader application will download the Exousia app.

The Downloader app will then ask you to install the app. Click Install once the option appears on your screen. Downloader will then take some time to install the Exousia APK.

Once the installation is complete, you will be given the option to either open the newly installed app or be done. If you click Done the app will show you where the Exousia APK was downloaded. If you click Open it will open Exousia.

How to Update Exousia APK on FireStick

To update the Exousia APK, the best way is to uninstall the current version and then install the latest live version of Exousia from sites like APK Pure. The Downloader app can do the heavy lifting for you if you search for your desired app using its search function and automatically download the latest version of Exousia APK.

How to Use Exousia APK on FireStick

Exousia Logo

To access Exousia, you’re going to scroll to the right until you see the See All option. Click it and then keep scrolling down till you see the Exousia APK.

Highlight the Exousia APK icon and then use the 3-line button on your FireStick remote to bring up a popup. You can then click on Move in the popup and move Exousia to your home screen.

For first-timers, Exousia will show you a notification asking for access to your photos, media and files. Allow access by clicking Allow. You can then explore the Exousia app. The home screen should show IPTV categories on the left side while the center is occupied by shows, movies and live TV.

If you scroll down a little bit on the left side menu, you can go to the Choose Play option and then select MX Player.

This will help you watch live TV, movies, TV shows, sports TV channels and other types of live TV channels on your Fire TV device.

How to Download Exousia APK on FireStick

As mentioned earlier, you’ll first have to download the Downloader application and then use it to download the Exousia APK to your FireStick. Once you’ve downloaded the FireStick Downloader application, it will automatically help you to install Exousia.


If you’re looking for good streaming apps that don’t cost anything then Exousia APK should be on your radar. This app may not offer the same content library as Netflix or other similar streaming services but it’s pretty close if you don’t include TV series as content.

Exousia APK on FireStick will definitely take your content library to a whole new level. As always, use the comments section below to let us know if you run into any problems.

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