The Best MKV Players for Mac

You’ve likely seen MKV files if you’re a Mac user who enjoys watching high-quality videos. Multiple audio, video, and subtitle tracks can be stored in a single file using the ubiquitous multimedia container format known as Matroska Video (or MKV). Use the top MKV player for Mac to get the most out of your video viewing experience. We’ll look at the best MKV players for Mac in this article, each offering special features to make watching movies a seamless and delightful experience.

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What are the best MKV players available for Mac?


Let’s dive into the top MKV players for Mac, each providing special characteristics to ensure fluid and comfortable movie viewing.

VLC Media Player – Versatility and Reliability Combined

VLC Media Player is one of the most adaptable and reliable programs for playing MKV files on a Mac. With no extra codecs needed, this open-source player supports a large number of file formats, including MKV. All users will find it to be a terrific pick because of its simple navigation and user-friendly layout.

Key Features of VLC Media Player for Mac:

Extensive Format Support

VLC’s extensive format support makes it a one-stop shop for media playback on your Mac, including instructions on “how to convert MKV to MP4 on Mac.

Playback Control

With VLC, you can simply synchronize audio, add subtitles, and change the playing speed.

Customizable User Interface: To make your viewing experience more unique, select from a range of skins and add-ons.

Network Streaming

Take advantage of fluid MKV video streaming from many websites, giving you access to a wide variety of material.

Elmedia Player – Elevate Your Viewing Experience

For an exceptional MKV playback experience on Mac, Elmedia Player stands out with its array of features designed specifically for Mac users. Its cutting-edge hardware acceleration ensures smooth video playback, delivering an unparalleled viewing experience.

Key Features of Elmedia Player for Mac

Hardware Acceleration

Utilize your Mac’s hardware for optimized video playback, reducing stress on system resources and improving speed.

Support for AirPlay

Seamlessly stream MKV films to your Apple TV or other AirPlay-capable devices for a cinematic big-screen experience.

Integration of External Subtitle Files

Easily add external subtitle files to MKV videos, which is ideal for watching content in other languages.

Flexible Playback Settings

Configure playback options, including looping specific portions and adjusting video and audio settings to suit your preferences.

IINA – A Modern and Elegant Choice

IINA is an open-source media player admired by Mac users for its sleek, contemporary design and smooth MKV playback. Tailor-made for macOS, it maximizes performance and integration.

Key Features of IINA for Mac:

macOS Integration

Experience a comfortable and seamless MKV file playback on your Mac thanks to IINA’s perfect integration with the macOS interface.

Support for Touch Bar

IINA features Touch Bar controls for convenient navigation and playback management if you own a MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar.


Multitask while watching MKV videos with IINA’s Picture-in-Picture mode, allowing resizable floating windows.

Gestures and Shortcuts

Use various touchpad movements and programmable keyboard shortcuts for enhanced video playback control.

How to Install and Set Up an MKV Player on Your Mac

Choosing the Right MKV Player for Your Mac

Before diving into the installation process, selecting the ideal MKV player that suits your needs and preferences is crucial. Popular choices like VLC Media Player, Elmedia Player, and IINA provide unique features and interfaces. Consider factors such as format compatibility, user-friendly interface, hardware acceleration, and high-resolution support when making your choice.

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Installing an MKV Player on Your Mac

Once you’ve decided on the MKV player that best meets your requirements, follow these steps to install it on your Mac:

Step 1: Download the MKV Player

Visit the official website of your chosen MKV player and download the installation file for macOS.

Step 2: Locate the Downloaded File

Once the download is complete, find the installation file (often with a .dmg extension) in your Downloads folder.

Step 3: Install the MKV Player

Double-click the .dmg file to mount the installation disc image. Drag the MKV player icon into the Applications folder to install it on your Mac.

Step 4: Launch the MKV Player

After installation, locate the MKV player in your Applications folder and double-click its icon to start enjoying smooth MKV video playback.

Setting Up the MKV Player

To optimize your video playback experience, you may need to configure a few parameters after installing the MKV player on your Mac:

Setting up the video and audio settings

Tailor the audio volume, saturation, contrast, and brightness to your tastes.

Adding External Subtitles

You can easily insert external subtitle files for watching videos in many languages.

An MKV Player Update

Visit the player’s official website frequently to get updates that add new features, address bugs, and improve performance.


Having the best MKV player for Mac is crucial for an improved video viewing experience. VLC Media Player, Elmedia Player, and IINA are top choices, each offering unique features. While Elmedia Player provides hardware acceleration, IINA offers a contemporary interface, and VLC stands out for versatility and reliability. Ensure compatibility with your macOS version and consider hardware requirements for optimal performance. With the right MKV player, you can enjoy high-quality videos on your Mac with ease and comfort, whether it’s a classic film, series, or home movie. Select the best MKV player for your needs and immerse yourself in captivating audio and visuals.

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