How To Add Custom Background Image On KODI?

We definitely agree that KODI has a fantastic background but still, you can customize KODI background further. All you have to do is follow the procedure mentioned below:

  1. From the home screen go to System and further navigate to Settings.
  2. Choose Appearance and select Skin.
  3. Select Skin Settings and choose Background Options.
  4. Under the tab ‘Background’, make sure you enable ‘Custom Background’ setting.
  5. Now select ‘Background Path’ and proceed to the folder containing the desired image, which you wish to apply as background.


If by any chance, your background path begins with:\ make sure you follow the steps mentioned below. Please Note you must have Maintenance Tool installed to complete this procedure.

  1. From the home screen navigate to Programs and choose Program Add-ons.
  2. Select Maintenance Tools and choose System Tweaks.
  3. Choose Wallpaper Download and choose any folder from the list to set the download folder path.
  4. Choose the desired image from the folder.
  5. Now the Settings-Maintenance tool window will pop up. Select OK and further choose General Settings.
  6. Under the tab ‘Wallpaper Downloads’ choose ‘Wallpaper Download Directory’
  7. Pick your desired folder path and click OK.
  8. Again, click OK and proceed back to home screen. You will be glad to know that background image vanished.
  9. Now from the home screen go to System and further navigate to Settings.
  10. Choose Appearance and select Skin.
  11. Select Skin Settings and choose Background Options.
  12. Now choose ‘Background Path’ and proceed to the folder containing the desired image, which you wish to apply as background.


How To Change The KODI Skins?

This module will deal with changing the KODI skins.

  1. From the home screen, navigate to Settings. Further, proceed to Interface Settings.
  2. Choose Skin and select Configure Skin option.
  3. If wish to browse more skin, click Get more.
  4. Choose the desired skin. The particular add-on will be downloaded on KODI.
  5. Once the skin is downloaded, it will ask for confirmation. Hit the yes button in order to make the necessary changes.

We decided to feature some of the skins, which is most liked by the user. Thus, we will be giving the gist of some of the skins preferred by the users.


Mimic is a skin with mixes of Refocus and Aeon Nox. It is a wonderful and splendid approach and functions admirably on all gadgets. This skin is accessible in various hues, some of the key components are

  1. Redo Home things
  2. Touch Support
  3. Additional Fan art
  4. TV program Logos.


Amber is additionally a light weighted KODI, which gives you a great gathering of elements and runs easily on all gadgets. This skin gives you a chance to modify either in a Horizontal or Vertical way, and key components of Amber are

  1. Custom Home menu.
  2. Custom Home Shelf
  3. Include custom foundation


Refocus is very much planned, include rich skin and gives you a considerable measure of customization alternatives. Key components of Refocus are

  1. Artwork Downloader
  2. Touch Support
  3. Customize Home items
  4. Skin Widgets.



After Confluence the Aeon Nox is one of the must suggest KODI skin. It is lightweight and works with every one of the gadgets, and it is an uncommon mix of magnificence and simple of customization.


This skin is user-friendly and offers it user’s tons of features and customization. Its key features are:

  1. Customize Home items
  2. Artwork Downloader
  3. Skin Widgets
  4. Clear Art and Clear Logo

As we mentioned, KODI already has one of the coolest skin and background, which is very user-friendly. KODI being an open-source software allows you to make tweaks and changes according to your preference. In this article itself, we tried to mention all of the best skins and backgrounds for KODI and provided the users with the methodology to change the skin and background as per their interest. We always welcome your suggestions and we would definitely love to hear which skins you have applied on your KODI to make it look even cooler.


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