Is Livestreaming Considered a Good Job?

Who said that doing a desk job from 9 am to 5 pm is the only job that you can do? You can also opt for jobs that you can do at home that are much more manageable and can also get you a hefty amount of cash in your pockets. One such job is live streaming, where all you need is a superfast internet connection. Luckily enough, you can look into Kinetic Internet so that you could get yourself a fast internet connection at a price so low, it would astound you. The reason why you would need a fast internet connection is that your streaming entirely depends on it.

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The question that remains is, is live streaming really a good career to choose for yourself? Here’s a list of why you should consider live streaming as a job.

Livestreaming as an Industry


People now consider live streaming to be a proper industry. Even in China, it is amongst the fastest-growing industries since many of the people there prefer live streaming over anything else. They have a lot of audiences to engage with and due to this, they make quite a good amount of money. The best part is, many people are also willing to support streamers in China and they actually pay to watch them.

This is a phenomenon that is now being observed in the United States as well. However, the only difference is that the streamers here are known as “influencers”, which is an umbrella term that covers all people that are famous on the internet such as Mr. Beast and PewDiePie. Even if not live streaming, these people tend to post content on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

When it comes to getting paid, they either sell their merchandise or have their audiences support them through Patreon by having their audience become their patrons.

Livestreaming as a Gamer

This is one of the most common ways that people Livestream. They make use of popular platforms such as Twitch where they showcase their gaming skills. There are people who specialize in gaming and their skills allow them to make the money that they need. People are allowed to send in money while the Livestream is going on so that they could show their support to the gamer.

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Not only is this great as a career but it is a fun one as well. Imagine this, you playing games nearly all day long, recording your gameplay and editing videos if you happen to post them later. You also get to interact with people from all over the world, especially if they are fans of whatever you do. This is exactly what people like TheRadBrad, PewDiePie, and SSSniperwolf do. However, there’s a downside to it as well since you need to be good at talking to people as you play and you need to make sure you are skilled enough to show everyone what you are made of.

Livestreaming in the Education Sector

It isn’t necessary to stick to the entertainment industry, you could always work for the education sector as well. There’s always someone out there who is in need of a good tutor and who could be a better option to do that than you? If you think you have what it takes to give out knowledge in a very effective manner, then you could opt to become a teacher online. Not only can you Livestream your classes and lectures but you may also make videos that you could post later.

It would all depend on the level of education that you are good at, you could start from high school and take it all the way up to college since there are a lot of college and university students that are looking for all the help that they could get. If you do well enough and get sponsorships, you could even get paid really well.

Can Streaming Really Make you A lot of Money?

The only way that streamers can make a decent amount of money is if they have a lot of fans and followers. Once they have a lot of fan-following, it would allow them to subscribe and donate to their favorite streamers and the more generous the fans are, the better the streamers would do financially. However, it should also be known that most of the streamers currently streaming, are doing it out of a hobby rather than a need for it.

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So once you get into the streaming business, make sure you are good enough to have a lot of fans, so start brushing up on those communication and gaming skills.

Conclusive Thoughts

Livestreaming might not be as bad as one might think it is. It’s a great opportunity to have fun while you make money, interact with people all over the world, and brush up on your gaming skills. So decide a niche for yourself, practice as much as you can, and start streaming as soon as you can! One day you may even end up on a Firestick app.

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