Amazon Firestick Not Working? Try These Quick Fixes

Amazon Firestick is referred to as a streaming device which provides various entertainment options like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and many more. However, this streaming device may cause multiple issues since it is an electronic device. Firestick not working is quite a simple problem which can be resolved easily. You may also experience other typical issues with Amazon Firestick such as Frozen or black screen, visual problem, app crashing or errors and much more. Many Firestick blog reader messages me to write an article on How to Fix fire stick not working OR Stopped working issue. So here we are sharing solutions to solve firestick issues.

Amazon Firestick Not Working? – Common Issues 

We have listed some common issues that you experience with the Amazon Firestick:

  • Wi-Fi connection Error
  • Audio Issues
  • Image Issues
  • Amazon Firestick Remote not Working
  • Physical Connection Issues
  • Turning on Firestick

Let us discuss the common issues & solution of what to do when is your firestick not working in detail.

Wi-Fi Connection Issue

Firestick Wifi issue

If your device’s internet connection is not stable then you can experience the password error, power outage, bad connection and many more. If it is a password error then you need to ensure whether both Amazon Prime account and Wi-Fi account password are same. If it is an issue with your router and modem then check whether you are using a compatible modem that supports your device.

Also, check your modem specification whether it is N, B, and G routers on 2.4 GHz or N and A routers on 5 GHz. If the issue related to a wireless network, then you can make use of the Firestick’s Network usage tool to run the diagnostics. If the above-provided solutions do not resolve your issue then you can restart both the modem and Firestick device to get connected to your device.

Audio Error

If you are experiencing audio issues on your Firestick device the check the TV volume is set to medium or high. If not then check whether your Firestick device is compatible with the external speakers and also change it to the default mode of your audio settings to resolve this issue. Also, check your Firestick’s audio settings and ensure that the Dolby Digital Output feature is enabled under the Settings.

Also turn-off the earlier option Dolby Digital plus. If none of the options work then it could be an issue with your TV’s HDMI port. Remove the port and re-connect it to check whether the issue persists. If it still does not emit sound then the issue could be with the HDMI port which is connected to your TV’s Firestick.

Image Issues

If you are not able to view the image from your Firestick device to the TV screen then it could be a problem with the HDMI cable. Check whether the cable is not damaged and also connected properly. If not remove the cable, wait for a few seconds, and re-connect to check the issue. If the HDMI cable is defective then it is better to replace it.

If the issue is not resolved or HDMI cable is not defective then you can try connecting the cable to another HDMI port on your television. If it is not related to the cable issue then you need to check the image resolution. You can press the Rewind and Up buttons and hold them simultaneously for five seconds. Now, you will get a list of image resolutions starting from 480P and up to a maximum of 1080P. Select the “Use Current Resolution” option.

If the above-mentioned solutions do not resolve the issue then the HDMI port could be faulty. In such cases, it is required to replace the Firestick device. If your TV screen just showing the black screen with no words or images cropped then it could be a screen resolution issue. You can change the screen formatting by using the voice remote.

You can change the exact screen resolution by clicking on the Format button. This issue could occur when it was set to zoom format. You can adjust the display scaling by navigating to Settings and click on the Display option. From the Fire TV menu, press the Calibrate Display option to change the screen settings.

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Amazon Firestick Remote Not Working

firestick remote not working

You may face some issues with your Fire TV voice remote or not working on the screen it may be a paring issue. To solve this issue, you have to reboot your Firestick and Fire TV remote.

Reboot your Firestick is a simple process, where you have to unplug your device for a few seconds and plug-in it back. Then pair your remote with the device by pressing the home button for 5-10 seconds.

If it is not working again, check the batteries of your remote and change the new batteries. Perhaps the problem continues just change the remote control. Check out below video tutorial for better understanding.

Fire Stick TV Remote Not Working Or Pairing (Simple Fix)

Physical Connection Issues

If your Firestick is not properly working then it could be a physical connection issue that connects the Amazon Firestick device to the HDMI port on your television. Check whether the device is connected properly and also check for any loose connection to prevent from being recognized.

Even after the proper connection, check your Firestick’s battery level. If the battery level is low then it is hard to search the device and we recommend you to use the device with fully charged. If the issue still persists then the issue could be with your Firestick’s motherboard.

Turning on Firestick

If your Firestick not working or amazon fire stick won’t turn on then it could be for two reasons. First of all, you need to check whether the white color light is glowing on your Firestick device. If the light is not glowing then check whether the power cord is inserted firmly and connected properly to the device. It could be a loose connection issue. If the issue persists then it could be with the power cord. We recommend you to replace a new power cord and connect the same to the Firestick.

Firestick Not Working – Fix Almost All Fire Stick Issue (Video Tutorial)

Final Thoughts

We are happy to inform that the above-provided information helps you to understand the Firestick device and the common issues that you experience with the device. You can try the above solution if your amazon fire stick stopped working. I hope these solutions will help you to fix your Firestick Not Working Issue.

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